boom of healed and vaccinations

boom of healed and vaccinations
boom of healed and vaccinations

Boom of healed in the Covid bulletin relating to the province of Cosenza. The good news arrives in the editorial office in the afternoon with a load of other good news. In 297 they have become negativized: consequently the number of active cases drops dramatically.

Hospitalizations are decreasing

There is also a slow but constant downward trend in hospitalizations: now there are 86 patients staying in the wards of theHospital agency distributed among the presidium ofAnnunziata and the Santa Barbara of Rogliano. The others gravitate towards the Giannettasio di Rossano, the Iannelli hospital in Cetraro, the Blessed Angel of Acres with numbers decidedly downsized compared to the past few weeks.

Therapy that works

Good news also on the therapy front. In the outpatient clinic of infectious diseases The administration of monoclonal antibodies continues at full speed of the hospital bruzio. 31 treated patients of which only three required observation in hospital for a few days, without however experiencing severe symptoms. Everyone is healed. A drastic reduction in viral load of more than 50 percent was observed in the first three days. On the seventh day, eighty percent tested negative for the swab. One in three had moderate fever as a side effect. The performance places the operating unit in the positions of summit of the national rankings.

A surge in vaccines

But also in terms of the administration of vaccines in Cosenza, the data are comforting. In family vax day staged over the weekend, hundreds of injections were performed in the five districts of the Provincial Health Authority. More precisely, 8,343 were practiced between first doses and boosters Pfizer, 1.255 Modern, 2.223 Astrazeneca and 1,570 of the single-dose Johnson. To these figures we must add the vaccines carried out in the hospitals of the military garrison of Sieve Lise and the Hub of the capital. The advancement of the prevention campaign allows greater freedom and to regain possession of the spaces in safety. Without committing imprudence. Even today they register victims. Sign that the danger is still lurking.


boom healed vaccinations

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