Investigation on Covid data, Musumeci at Ars: “Let’s spread the dead is an unfortunate phrase, but no false act”

Investigation on Covid data, Musumeci at Ars: “Let’s spread the dead is an unfortunate phrase, but no false act”
Investigation on Covid data, Musumeci at Ars: “Let’s spread the dead is an unfortunate phrase, but no false act”

Majority in pieces, attacks after the inflated Covid data case, request for resignation. It is certainly not an easy time for the regional government and the president of the region.

Today the governor spoke to the Ars where the budget was then approved speaking in the investigation that overwhelmed the health but also the entire government structure.

“I note that the investigating magistrate has excluded all my responsibilities, but this is not the issue. I ask the magistrates who are dealing with the matter, more sobriety, fewer windows, fewer interviews. A prosecutor in the initial phase of the investigation must warn the need for less media overlap. A prosecutor must not express moral or ethical evaluations on people who hold public offices, he must deal with crimes “.

On the reasons that would have induced the arrested to inflate the data, he commented: “The magistrate says, the goal was to hide the data to make the Region appear efficient, in anticipation of the next elections: but what kind of consensus is that of a regional president who says we close everything; but what kind of research is that of a president of the Region who prevents the accessibility of 94% of people by canceling flights, railways, preventing ships from docking in ports, and did so at the end of February last year “.

Musumeci also tried to explain what happened in the death toll. “The expression ‘we spread the dead’ was absolutely miserable, even if it is used in the jargon. It can rightly arouse indignation: but if it had been said let’s distribute it or credit it, perhaps it would have aroused less reaction. That term referred to the fact that those data had arrived from the facilities five days late, so it wouldn’t have made sense to upload them in a single day, that would have been a false act. You couldn’t say that there had been 26 deaths in one day, when they had been in 4-5 days. However you place them, the final balance does not change “.

And in response to the opposition’s requests that asked for his resignation, he said: “Only the cowards and fugitives resign, we are here because we want to change this land”. In the words of Musumeci the defense of Razza, who after receiving the guarantee notice left the office of councilor. “The best answer was given by this boy Ruggero Razza, given to the crowd, that crowd who said free Barabbas. The lesson of Razza, of this boy who grew up in the barracks, in the teaching of his father trained in the weapon, trained in the Nunziatella, who grew up next to me and whom I love as if he were a son even though I have not spared him criticism, is living difficult days. It could happen to each of you, for a badly spoken word, for having performed an act without due meditation. serves, prudence “.

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