San Patrignano, 450 infected with Covid but never anyone with oxygen. The community will now be studied –

The data was transmitted to the Mario Negri Institute and to the researchers of the Sapienza University of Rome. To try to understand the (positive) anomaly of San Patrignano in this pandemic year. “We had a Covid epidemic that affected half the boys, 450, in the space of two months, but none of them needed oxygen – explains Antonio Boschini, the community’s therapeutic health manager -. All with mild forms. It is a curious phenomenon. Here nobody drinks, smokes, maybe this too may have helped. At first I had to deal with cases of panic attacks, two in all and at the beginning more than anything else, when the virus was not known. Then, when they saw that the symptoms were even less than those of a simple flu, they calmed down ».

The procedures

Antonio Boschini, health manager of the San Patrignano community

At the Adnkronos, Dr. Boschini explains how they have dealt with these months in the community for drug addicts founded by Vincenzo Muccioli. “In this period, an average of seven people enter at a time, all isolated in a room with a person who assists them and then be subjected to a swab and enter the community. To date and since last December we have not registered even a positive for Coronavirus “. Dr. Boschini adds that «within San Patrignano this was a very strange year, made up of different phases: the first period, which began last March, the boys suffered from fear linked to the lack of knowledge of the virus. They suffered from the inability to receive visitors or go, as expected in a second part of the journey, sometimes home. They have suffered a lot from the suspension of schools and training courses. Everything was still, crystallized ».


Cases of positivity were registered in the autumn. «The big problem was when the virus entered San Patrignano last October, having 250 employees living outside it was predictable – continues Boschini -. The Community has become a community in the true sense of the word, where those who were well worked much more to compensate for the work of those who could not, especially in the productive sectors, while the others had to undergo a period of inactivity, which for a person. with addictions it is very painful. There are people who, for example, go into crisis on Saturdays and Sundays, when they can sit still and think. We have created a residential area in San Patrignano where we transferred all the people with positive swabs. Here those infected with Covid could stay outdoors, play with each other, do gymnastics. We did some psychological tests to see what changed in people before and after Covid, but we still have to work them out. Certainly there has not been an increase in the consumption of psychotropic drugs, as low before as now, nor an increase in the abandonment of the community ».

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