Covid, the ISS report: “Average age of the dead 81 years, 28% of victims in Lombardy”

The latest report of the‘Higher Institute of Health, a focus dedicated to the “Characteristics of patients who died positive for Sars-CoV-2 infection in Italy”, certifies that themiddle age of patients deaths from Covid-19 is 81 years old and that in the second phase of the pandemic the deaths concern older people with worse pre-existing health conditions. The data is updated to March 30, 2021 and indicate that the patients victims of the infection who are under the age of 51 are 1.1%, ie 1.188, of the 106.789 (1.1%). In particular, 282 of these were under the age of 40 (172 men and 110 women aged between 0 and 39).

Coronavirus, today’s April 1 bulletin: 23,649 new cases and 501 victims

01 April 2021

The figures show once again how much the pandemic has affected in Lombardy: 28.4% of patients who died from Covid-19 in Italy, since the beginning of the pandemic, were in fact registered in this region, where, compared to the number of inhabitants in the country, there were over 30 thousand deaths The very high mortality in Lombardy occurred in particular during the first wave of infections: between March and May 2020 in the Northern region there were 47.7% of total deaths Italian.

Italy towards the hundred thousand victims. That’s why the dead don’t drop

by Alessandra Ziniti

07 March 2021

Finally, the ISS report underlines that the median age of Sars-CoV-2 positive deceased patients is more than 30 years higher than that of patients who contracted the infection (among the deceased patients it is 82 years, between those with infection 47 years). Women affected by Covid who did not make it are older than men (median age of women 86 and men 80).

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