Next week we open reservations age group 48-51

Next week we open reservations age group 48-51
Next week we open reservations age group 48-51
in photo: Alessio D’Amato

“On Monday 17 May we will open vaccine reservations for the 50-year-old (51-50) and also the 49-48 age group”, announced the Lazio Regional Health Councilor. Alessio D’Amato, to the microphones of during the visit to the new Acea hub in Rome, where AstraZeneca doses will be administered today and tomorrow forOpen Day Over 40. From today all citizens over 52 years old will be able to book at the vaccination centers and from Monday, according to what has been announced by the Lazio Health Officer, those over 48 years old.

How to book the vaccine for over 40 in Lazio

At the same time, as is known, another opportunity will be given to all over 40s (i.e. born from 1981 onwards): to book, again from Monday 17 May, also at the offices of family doctors and from 24 May also at participating pharmacies. to the vaccination campaign. In this case, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson doses will be administered. Anyone wishing to book another type of vaccine or at a vaccination hub will have to wait for the release of their age group.

More AstraZeneca e Open Days will likely be organized next weekend this time they could also be open to over 30s: “Extraordinary success for the Open Days of today and tomorrow. Yesterday, among other things, was an extraordinary day, we made the absolute record of the vaccination campaign with over 50 thousand administrations”, declared D’Amato.

D’Amato: “Via the open mask in a month, if the vaccination level is high”

The commissioner, who in recent days had opened the possibility of removing the mask outdoors in July, returned to the subject, explaining: “We will not decide independently, but we will wait for the decisions of the government. However, it is important to raise the level of vaccination coverage. By increasing this, you can think of removing the mask outdoors. This is a hypothesis that I think will become a reality within a month. June will be a crucial month for the campaign, because there will be a decisive change of step “.


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