Anti-Covid vaccine: from Monday 17 May applications for the 40-49 age group

Anti-Covid vaccine: from Monday 17 May applications for the 40-49 age group
Anti-Covid vaccine: from Monday 17 May applications for the 40-49 age group

Anti-Covid vaccinations: the time has come for the 40-year-olds. From Monday 17 May, in Emilia-Romagna 40-49 year olds, ie those born between 1972 and 1981 inclusive, will be able to register online for the administration of the vaccine by connecting to the regional website http: //salute.regione.emilia-romagna. it / candidature-vaccination. The same is available for the 50-54 age group, for which naturally applications remain open.

After the start, this week, of bookings for the 50-59 age group, a few days later in Emilia-Romagna we start with a new registry class.

PROCEDURE – The procedure is simple: you need to select the age group concerned and fill in a form with your personal data. All those who register will subsequently be contacted with the indication of the date of administration as soon as the vaccination supplies for the month of June are known. In the meantime, in fact, as per ministerial indications, vaccinations must proceed for the older age groups and the fragile population.

It is a very large audience, made up of over 696 thousand residents, of which 324 thousand in the 40-44 range and 372 thousand in the 45-49 range. “Not everyone, of course, will have to be vaccinated – explains a note from the region – because those who have already started or completed the vaccination course because they belong to another category, professional or risk (for example, workers social and health services and law enforcement agencies, staff from the world of schools and universities, people who are extremely vulnerable due to pathologies or frailty or who are highly overweight) “.

“On Monday the reservations for the 55-59 year olds started, and yesterday, May 13, the vaccination applications for the 50-54 year olds, with a very strong request already only on the first day – says the councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini-. The new indications of the commissioner structure establish an opening in a very short time for the lower age group, and we, as we have done so far, promptly respond to the provisions of General Figliuolo: on Monday, therefore, we open the registrations of the candidacies for the class of 40- 49 years old. Registered citizens – explains Donini – will be called for vaccination as soon as there are sufficient doses for that age group, naturally the sooner and more we have, the sooner and more we will be able to administer it. Also because Emilia-Romagna ranks among the top positions both for doses used and for the immunization of these categories. We hope consistent supplies will arrive, with the quantities available it will take a good part of June to continue vaccinating the priority categories for age or frailty “.

BOOKINGS 50-54 YEARS- The registrations of the vaccination candidacy for the 50-54 age group started yesterday, on the first day there were over 50 thousand registrations made on the portal made available by the Region to facilitate both citizens and general practitioners, who will perform the administrations for this target.

The steps indicated provide, in summary: to identify, by general practitioners, the day of the week and the time slot to be dedicated to vaccination, to be agreed with the company in case the doctor prefers to vaccinate at vaccination centers business; insert, after contacting the citizen himself, for each vaccination day 24 patients, identifying the names of the patients who have contacted their doctor and those who have applied through the vaccination platform. These lists can also be provided to doctors on a daily basis, however, the frequency of supply being one of the elements to be agreed locally. And again: to define at a local level between doctors and companies the methods of withdrawal of the ampoules; guarantee, by companies, distance training with respect to the specific use of the Comirnaty vaccine, according to the methods already used for the other vaccinators; finally, by general practitioners, the timely registration of vaccinations carried out, no later than the same day.

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