Serie C, Palermo 2-0 Teramo: highlights, summary and match report

Serie C, Palermo 2-0 Teramo: highlights, summary and match report
Serie C, Palermo 2-0 Teramo: highlights, summary and match report

The red and white surrender to the rosaneri and abandon the dream of promotion in the first round. The goals scored by Floriano and Luperini

TERAMO – The Teramo loses against Palermo and greets the playoffs in advance. The first fraction was decisive, in which a penalty converted by Floriano after just eight minutes due to a doubtful foul by Lasik’s hands, paves the way for the rosanero who at the end of time double with Luperini. In the second half red and white close to scoring in five circumstances, but Pelagotti closes his own goal clean.


Summary of the match

It immediately starts badly for the red and white. At 8 penalty kick for Palermo on a conclusion by Valente deflected by Lasik with his arm: Floriano overcomes Lewandowski from the spot. At 32 ‘sensational goal-ball wasted by the Devil. Bombagi goes away to Accardi on the right wing, but his assist for the lonely Costa Ferreira, in a central position in front of the goalkeeper, is too weak and favors the recovery of De Rose. At the end of time the doubling of Palermo: Saraniti’s bank and Luperini’s overturned corner.

At the beginning of the second half, Bombagi is joined from a sidereal distance, which ends in Pelagotti’s arms. Two minutes later a dangerous counterattack by Bombagi who prefers the deflected shot by Pelagotti, to the assist on the right for the solitary Ilari. At 11 Pelagotti amazing on the angled shot from outside the area of ​​Costa Ferreira. At 31 ‘Santoro calls Pelagotti to the difficult intervention, with a nice shot from outside the area. A minute later Bombagi very close to the 2-1 goal, with a diagonal that exceeds Pelagotti at the exit, but passes very close to the post. At 42 ‘cross from Valente, Santana’s head with the ball out. At 43 ′ Pelagotti is unsurpassed even on the conclusion from the edge of the Costa Ferreira area.

Paci in the post game

«Congratulations to Palermo, because if he has passed the turn he will have done something more than us. We started with a high center of gravity because the draw was not enough for us and this facilitated the restart from which the penalty arose, which they tell me to be generous, but does not change the discourse: suffering it after a few minutes was decisive. We go out with our heads held high, we deserved more, but we accept the verdict of the field. We were more dangerous than them, but I have to be honest: I have not seen the usual Teramo of the last month, however the great work done by the boys remains. I am very sorry to have seen them embittered in the locker room, because we really wanted to give satisfaction to the President and to the whole environment. This is a squad that has important values, the biggest mistake would be to start from scratch next season, with some targeted additions we could compete with everyone, it is a project that only needs to be refined, in the name of continuity. I wanted to thank everyone for a beautiful year that shaped me and made me grow from every angle».

The match report

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi (C.), 13 Lancini, 15 Marconi; 2 Doda (from 21 ‘st 26 Marong), 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose, 14 Valente; 20 Kanoute (from 21 ‘st 10 Silipo), 7 Floriano (from 10’ st 11 Santana); 23 Rauti (from 10 ‘pt 9 Saraniti). Available: 25 Faraone, 3 Corrado, 8 Martin, 16 Peretti, 17 Lucca, 21 Broh. Coach: Philippi.

TERAMO: 22 Lewandowski, 18 Lasik, 26 Piacentini, 5 Soprano, 3 Tentardini, 20 Ilari (from 28 ′ st 9 Cappa), 6 Arrigoni, 21 Santoro, 8 Costa Ferreira, 25 Birligea (from 9 ′ 29 Kyeremateng), 10 Bombagi. Available: 1 Valentini, 4 Trasciani, 7 Mungo, 11 Pinzauti, 17 Di Francesco, 19 Bellucci, 35 Lombardi, 36 Gerbi. Coach: Paci.

Networks: at 9 ‘pt Floriano (penalty), at 44’ pt Luperini

Admonitions: Lasik, Birligea, Luperini, Bombagi

Recovery: 2 minutes in the first half, 5 minutes in the second half

Serie C, Palermo 2-0 Teramo: highlights, summary and match report
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