reopen, even if the infections among young people will grow

reopen, even if the infections among young people will grow
reopen, even if the infections among young people will grow

“What do I expect? Within two weeks all the Regions in the yellow band and the curfew at midnight. And restaurants can also work indoors. In mid-June, when 30 million Italians will have received the first dose, then we will also see Regions in the white band ».
Pier Paolo Sileri, doctor and undersecretary of health, remains prudent, argues that it is necessary to find a balance between decreases in new cases, vaccinations, further openings. And he agrees: the weight of RT, the transmission index, must be changed. With the reopening it will be inevitable to detect an increase in new positive cases, but we must not be frightened: «It has already happened in Israel and in the United Kingdom, the virus returns to circulate among young people who go out the most and have not yet been vaccinated. For this reason it will be much more important to keep the attention on hospitalizations high, because if only the children are infected, hospitalizations will decrease, even if they will not disappear ».

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The images of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where the boys on the street have celebrated the end of the curfew, are likely to give a lethal blow to tourism. We in Italy close everything at 10pm, who will choose to stay or come to our localities if the alternative in Spain will be one of great freedom?
«We must be gradual in reopening, running in parallel with the increase in vaccinations. In my opinion, in two weeks, it will already be possible to raise the curfew at midnight. And make restaurants work indoors. But it is right first to analyze the next two reports on the progress of the control room infections ».

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Shouldn’t the color system of the Regions be eliminated? Applying it to the letter, we will soon find ourselves with large areas of the Italian territory returning to orange. Governors call for changes to the RT system.
«The color system must be maintained because it evaluates many parameters and can set off an alarm bell in advance if, for example, a variant that bypasses vaccines arrives. I don’t think it can happen, but a guarantee system is necessary, we need to be vigilant. If anything, we must, and we are doing, intervene on the weight of the various parameters ».
«I already said it two months ago, the RT has too high a weight in the decisions. Instead we must give greater value to the number of hospitalizations and above all to the progression of vaccination in a specific region ”.

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Do you expect a decrease in infections? The latest figures are encouraging.
“In reverse. With the reopening, the new positives will increase in the coming weeks, but only for the younger age groups, as happened in the United Kingdom and Israel. But they don’t worry, because with almost the entire adult population protected by the vaccine, if the virus runs among young people, there are fewer consequences. Having said that, we must still be vigilant, and for this, I repeat, we need the color system. And above all this summer we will have to do everything to convince even the youngest to get vaccinated. If the circulation continues, there is a risk of the birth of new variants, even in Italy. Even the youngest must be vaccinated ».

You believe that all the regions will be in yellow in two weeks if the corrective is introduced on the excessive weight of the RT that worries the governors. That would be a significant result, but even with that classification there are severe limitations. When will we be able to aspire to the spread of the “white band” throughout the country?
“It is early. To have all of Italy blank we will have to wait for vaccination to be later. It will happen when we have at least 30 million Italians received the first dose. I expect it to happen in mid-June ».

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To run with vaccinations you must use, as far as possible, all the doses available. Everywhere, albeit to a varying extent from region to region, there is an escape from AstraZeneca. So we will never finish.
«Let’s not exaggerate. The problem exists, I don’t deny it, but watch out that some of the still doses are for the second injection ».
Here we come to one of the reasons for the poor adhesion to AstraZeneca, beyond the irrational fear fueled by the suspension, which was decided to better study the rare cases of thrombosis, and the suggestion by Aifa to administer this vaccine only to the over 60s. and the possibility of participating in major events will depend on the green pass, which can be accessed if the vaccination course has been completed (otherwise it is necessary to undergo a tampon every time). With AstraZeneca the second dose is only available after 12 weeks, it means playing the summer. Since that vaccine offers good protection even 15 days after the first injection, wouldn’t it be right to hand over the green pass without waiting for the second?
“I am in favor, but on one condition. However, it will be necessary to verify, with the serological test, whether the person who received the first dose has actually developed the antibodies consistently. At that point, it is right to release the green pass ».

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