Vaccinations, we return to over 500 thousand. Exploit of Campania

Vaccinations, we return to over 500 thousand. Exploit of Campania
Vaccinations, we return to over 500 thousand. Exploit of Campania

Objective again centered. After five days under the bar, the target of 500 thousand daily vaccinations was exceeded on Thursday 6 May. The (still partial) figure is 501,236 administrations. The exploit of Campania is striking, one of the protagonists of the ascent. With a record of over 73 thousand vaccinations (compared to the old target of 42 thousand).

The trend of the last few days

The general trend was confirmed, with a fall in vaccinations over the weekend (albeit to a much lesser extent than in the previous weeks) and a steady rise until the peak on Thursday. Reconstructing the map of the last seven days thanks to data from Lab24, after the record numbers are on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 April (523 thousand and 521 thousand respectively) there was the usual decline (although more contained than usual) on the holiday weekend (429 thousand) Saturday 1 May and 368 thousand on Sunday 2 May). Following a slow ascent: 408 thousand on May 3, 441 thousand on May 4 and 469 thousand on May 5. Until the 501 thousand (partial) of 6 May. Thursday is confirmed as the best day.


Vaccine, the daily doses administered in Italy


Revised targets

As for the regional targets, a premise must be made. Until April 29, the daily targets communicated by the emergency commissioner Figliuolo were in the public domain. After that date they remained confidential. It is certain that for some regions such as Piedmont (40 thousand) and Lombardy (99 thousand) it has been revised downwards. “To meet the new targets we aim for an average of 30 thousand vaccinations per day – explain from the Piedmont Region -. and we expect to rise to 35,000 shortly if there are sufficient doses available. Even if we have a potential capacity of 70-80 thousand doses at full capacity ». “We are unable to maintain 100 thousand doses per day – declared the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana – at the moment we do about 85 thousand, the target has been lowered by General Figliuolo but Lombardy is the only one together with two other regions to maintain it and to have overcome it ». The latest figure (May 6) from Lombardy is over 87m injections.

The expoit of Campania

Campania goes against the trend. The last official regional target is 42 thousand, but the region has almost always gone beyond, reaching around 50 thousand, with a real exploit (over 73 thousand) on 6 May. Above the old target also Veneto (44 thousand) and Puglia (32 thousand)



Vaccinations return thousand Exploit Campania

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