Booking vaccines Lazio, what to do if you are unable to access the portal of the Region (asthmatics, diabetics and other diseases)

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May 5, 2021
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The fiscal Code, then the final thirteen digits of the number at the bottom of the back of the health insurance card, but you can’t log in. «The tax code of the patient entered does not correspond to the criteria provided for this vaccination campaign – reads the window that appears on the site Health Lazio dedicated to reservations of vaccine anti Covid -. It is not possible to proceed with the reservation ». Yet the criteria for booking are all there: both the age and the pathologies indicated. So what can be done?

Who may encounter problems

Since May 1st, the Lazio Region has opened reservations for a very broad category of people. That is all those who are between 18 and 49 years old (born in 2003 – 1972) and are celiac, have asthma or suffer from bulimia, thyroid and other diseases. A very long and detailed list in which all the exemption codes that can access the injection are indicated. Immunization of these people is a priority for the national territory, given that they are considered fragile. But some have escaped the system developed by Lazio Crea spa. And, when you go to book, they can’t log in.

How to do

Those who cannot book and suffer from one of the diseases indicated in table 3 of category 4 (including asthma, celiac disease, thyroid and others) you should contact your GP. “Just contact the doctor who can do the vaccine directly,” explains Dr. Pierluigi Bartoletti, Fimmg secretary of Rome. “This week we have managed to inject a quantity of doses equal to that of the entire last month. The Region is providing us with more ». And so the protection from Covid can go through the family doctor.

But there is also another possibility: the doctor can report the patient’s exemption code to the competent local health authority. And this then allows the individual to access the Salute Lazio platform. In fact, if a person has one of the diseases listed in category 4, he should already be registered in the system, which then recognizes it by the tax code. But not everything is due to technological tools. “Many do not report being asthmatic or having diabetes. And that’s also why they can’t log in»Continues Bartoletti. Now, however, that the vaccine is a priority to return to normal, what can escape the computer system can be detected by a general practitioner and resolved with the help of the ASL.

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Booking vaccines Lazio unable access portal Region asthmatics diabetics diseases

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