A little bit of Sicily Covid free with mass vaccines but on the Isola always last doses

A little bit of Sicily Covid free with mass vaccines but on the Isola always last doses
A little bit of Sicily Covid free with mass vaccines but on the Isola always last doses

Sicily is preparing for mass vaccination in the smaller islands for the entire population over the age of 18. After days of delay and the requests of the President of the Region Nello Musumeci, the opening of the Covid Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has arrived. In truth, the governor had already announced the start of the campaign yesterday morning hoping for the ok from Rome.

The Region is therefore looking for new ways to recover on the vaccination front. According to the data updated at 6 this morning, Sicily was increasingly last in the Italian ranking on the percentages of doses administered. A leap forward by Calabria (81%), which is pressing on the accelerator, has made the island rear down (79.3%). And the distances are growing. To regain ground, reservations will also be open to 50-year-olds in Sicily.

In the smaller islands instead, mass vaccination will be carried out. It will start on Friday from Lampedusa, Linosa and Salina. The remaining islands will follow, starting from 10 May, with an order linked to the lower population density. In total 15 islands. “The patient’s medical history will be made, then the doctor will tell which vaccine to undergo, whether AstraZeneca or others”, clarifies the governor, considering that in Sicily there are 250,000 AstraZeneca doses closed in refrigerators not yet used.

Meanwhile, in Lampedusa and Linosa vaccinations have started for those who fall within the targets, as foreseen by the plan launched by the ASP of Palermo and as explained in this video by the head of the local clinic, Francesco Cascio, and the company health director, Maurizio Montalbano. A total of 325 vaccinations were carried out yesterday by doctors and nurses in Lampedusa. Among those who received the serum, also the mayor, Totò Martello. Today part of the team of operators of the health authority of the capital will move to Linosa to vaccinate more than one hundred residents.

“I thank President Musumeci for finally giving the green light, we will start next week in full collaboration with the Asp of Trapani with which we have already signed a memorandum of understanding to be able to carry out the vaccination campaign in the Florio plant in Favignana and in the others two presidents of Marettimo and Levanzo “, says the mayor of the island of Favignana (Egadi) Francesco Forgione. For the mayor it is “an act of responsibility that secures our community and that of all the smaller islands that are experiencing difficulties in guaranteeing the right to health of their citizens due to the absence of health facilities and only guaranteed connections with the ‘helicopter rescue “.

The mayor of Ustica, Salvatore Militello, is also satisfied. “I am very happy for this choice – he says – We have so far vaccinated 98% of the over 80 and frail, with the mass campaign we will administer the vials to 350 people. As a location we will use the gym reactivated after twenty years of disuse, which it is located near the Usca garrison, where we will activate an emergency point with anesthetist. We will vaccinate not only the residents but also those who have a second home on the island “.

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