Can you listen to music or play beach tennis on anti-Covid beaches? The protocols of the Marche

Can you listen to music or play beach tennis on anti-Covid beaches? The protocols of the Marche
Can you listen to music or play beach tennis on anti-Covid beaches? The protocols of the Marche

ANCONA – Green light to games on the beach like beach tennis and those in the sea (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) but also ok at the reopening of the play areas for children, careful about distancing and indicating the maximum number of children who play inside. There Region approved the protocols that will accompany the Marche tourist activities for the next summer months and for the bathing facilities all the behaviors and rules to be adopted have been defined, including staff training and the management of free beaches between concessions.

Curfew, eliminated immediately or extended to 11 pm from mid-May: the hypotheses in the field

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The equipment
The vademecum of the balneators of the Marche states that between one umbrella and the other there must be a distance of 10 square meters, a rule already defined last year during the first pandemic phase: in the shade, the spacing of one meter must be maintained, a rule that it does not apply to families. Sunbeds and deck chairs by the sea must be positioned 5 meters from the shore and at a distance of one meter from each other. Playful sports activities can only be carried out if permitted by the regulations in force and in any case always ensuring social distancing. For individual sports that usually take place on the beach (rackets) or in the water (swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) they can be regularly practiced, in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures. Otherwise, for team sports (beach volleyball, beach soccer) it will be necessary to comply with the provisions for the specific sporting activity.

For the little ones
Instead, the children’s play areas can be set up and used “only by ensuring that the spacing rules in force are observed and indicating the maximum number of children who can access the area at the same time”. As regards musical entertainment, the resolution reminds us that “it is allowed to organize musical entertainment, limited to listening, during which customers attend in a sitting position, ensuring the interpersonal distance required by current legislation”. Also this year the bathing establishments and the bar and restaurant activities will be able to take in concession stretches of free beach with a maximum length of 25 linear meters contained between two beaches under concession or bordering a single bathing concession for a maximum of 12 meters per equip them ensuring their correct use.

The activities
In the same way, the Municipalities or the competent Authorities may also consider assigning in temporary concession the free beach areas bordering on bar or restaurant activities to allow the placement of outdoor tables up to a maximum of 100sqm. In general the stretches of beach where concessions do not exist, it is advisable “to favor access to the beach by reservation (even in shifts using computer applications), in order to prevent gatherings and allow shifts”. Even on free beaches, physical spacing must be ensured in all circumstances and the laying of umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs, beach towels with a distance of 3.50 meters from pole to pole for umbrellas and 1 meter among other equipment.

For the pools inside the bathing establishments, it will be necessary to organize access and exit routes with one person every 4 square meters and 7 square meters for swimming activities. In general, however, the sanitization of the equipment, the presence of a beach steward to accompany customers under the umbrella and the prohibition of access to the sea at night are valid. In this case, the Region indicates approximately from midnight to 6 am, while the current curfew time is from 10 pm to 5 am: a sign of hope for a possible adjustment that the government could implement as early as this month after monitoring the contagion curve. .


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