Toti “The risk that led to the restrictions has been overcome” –

Toti “The risk that led to the restrictions has been overcome” –
Toti “The risk that led to the restrictions has been overcome” –

“Today we are happy to say that the province of Imperia is back below 110, therefore in a much lower risk area. The measures taken, the collaboration of citizens and the special tracking capacity of Asl 1 have allowed us to bring back the situation in the regional average “. This was stated by the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, who today held the usual press update on Covid from the Palasalute of Imperia.

“Today I visited the vaccination hub of Imperia, where the regional health system and general practitioners work jointly. A facility that further increases the vaccination offer in the province after the Taggia hub. – added the president of the Liguria Region. – Being here today has a particular meaning: Imperia was the last province hit by restrictive measures in recent weeks because the incidence of covid had grown over 250 cases per 10 thousand inhabitants per week, which in the latest Draghi decree became the ‘benchmark’ parameter for the risk of contagion “.

“The positives in Liguria are decreasing, that is the balance between new positives and cured ones – he said commenting on the data of the day – the number of hospitalized patients is growing a little. Unfortunately today 10 deaths have been recorded, even if two date back to months ago. A lower mortality rate is stabilizing than in the past weeks, thanks also to the work of vaccination hubs such as the one I visited today. Spezia is the province with the lowest incidence. As regards the vaccination campaign, we are around 12 thousand administered today. With the new supplies that will arrive we can grow even more, especially by exploiting the potential of general practitioners who we still keep a bit ‘on the spot’ due to the limited availability of doses, but we have those and we cannot do much more for now. The same goes for the pharmacy network, which could guarantee thousands more vaccinations per week, which in any case will also start swabs from the p rossimi days “.

“We continue to be the first region in the ratio between vaccines administered and delivered, today at 91%: a result due to the commitment of all those who worked this year and three months in Covid hospitals, such as that of Sanremo, but also in non-covid hospitals that took charge of the ordinary work also for the structures and departments involved in the emergency, as well as in the health houses, in the asl plates, in the vaccination hubs. – continues Toti – Our entire health system has given great evidence of itself and we must be proud of it. The time will come when we will have to start putting our heads to the calls of next winter. But I am convinced that the volume of vaccines is the best guarantee for everyone, even for commercial activities that will be able to face a summer season Having reached the percentage of satisfaction for the groups most at risk, we will start as scheduled with the over-50s from 11 May “

“Today in the Regional Council we quickly addressed the issue of the use of Astrazeneca and Johnson vaccines for the different categories – said the Governor – The validation paths with compressed times for all the vaccines in use today created a bit of confusion. and disorientation: but it must be reiterated that the vaccine is not chosen by the citizen, it is administered by a doctor on the basis of the indications of Aifa and Ema deemed most appropriate for the category and age group based on the current state of knowledge “.

“With the director of Asl 1 Silvio Falco we also reviewed the issues that we will address at the end of the emergency – said the president of the Liguria Region – starting from Saint Charles of Bordighera for which there is an agreement that provides for both the in co-management of a private health group and the contextual opening of an emergency room, which is also very opportune to balance the project of the single hospital of Taggia territorially. Today I was also in Ventimiglia where the mayor Scullino showed me the areas in which will build the House of Health that the city has been waiting for for some time “.

“Eighteen billion derive from the Recovery Fund, we have a rather abundant already financed regional building plan, now it is above all a question of making it march, hoping that the month of May will make the regulations that allow administrations to move according to the expectations of citizens. – Toti concludes – For the waiting lists, which inevitably have grown too much, we have the resources to be able to dispose of them: as soon as we are sure to start again, I will call the general managers of the regional health authorities for a great plan to recover the services that they have accumulated over the last year “.


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