Covid, makes the injection without injecting the vaccine: investigated a nurse in the Treviso area

Covid, makes the injection without injecting the vaccine: investigated a nurse in the Treviso area
Covid, makes the injection without injecting the vaccine: investigated a nurse in the Treviso area

TREVISO. A carabiniere who shows up at Vax Point in Lughignano for the anti-Covid vaccine, the needle that enters his right arm and the nurse who, in the end, after throwing the syringe into a container, enters the data in the terminal of the vaccine occurred. Too bad then, the soldier of the Arma finds in the basket, where the syringe had been thrown, the presumed proof of his atrocious and immediate suspicion: the vaccine had not been inoculated and the serum was still inside the syringe.


There is an open investigation by the public prosecutor’s office and an investigation by the carabinieri of the Nas (Nucleo antisofistificazione) of Treviso on a fact reported last Sunday at the Vax Point in Lughignano, a hamlet of Casale sul Sile. The protagonists of the story are a soldier from the Treviso company and a professional nurse who, on May 2nd, worked at the Lughignano vaccination center. There, in the afternoon, a soldier from Treviso had to go to receive a dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. Everything went smoothly as expected: waiting in line for their turn and, finally, the call. waiting and the vaccine It is when he is given the vaccine that the soldier senses that something is wrong. In fact, he feels that the needle of the syringe enters the skin of his right arm but, out of the corner of his eye, he sees that the piston of the syringe, which the nurse should press to inject him with the vaccine, does not move. The nurse then takes out the needle and throws the syringe into the appropriate container.


But the carabiniere at that point has a serious suspicion and immediately wants to verify whether it is well founded or not. He goes into the container and sees that there is indeed a syringe with a serum inside that has not been inoculated. At that point, the military has no doubts about what has happened and calls the carabinieri of the Treviso antisophistic unit, who go to the scene and confiscate the syringe in question. Clearly, the fact is then also reported to the Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office which opens an investigation file hypothesising the crimes of omission in official documents and forgery. the investigation Now the carabinieri of the antisophistication unit of Treviso are investigating the very delicate matter. In fact, they want to understand if the fact could have happened at other times as well.


The episode recalls that of the Treviso health worker, Emanuela Petrillo, on trial in Udine because she was accused of pretending to vaccinate the children of the USL 2. Is the Lughignano case a new Petrillo case? Is it the result of some aversion to men in uniform? Or was it a mere mistake by the operator due to fatigue and stress? That’s what the Nas carabinieri are checking.

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