School, in quarantine for Covid there are 182 classes. The primary worries: that’s why

School, in quarantine for Covid there are 182 classes. The primary worries: that’s why
School, in quarantine for Covid there are 182 classes. The primary worries: that’s why

ANCONA – The effect school is among the most monitored data by the Region’s experts – together with the trend of contagion in the Municipalities – while the days between now and the end of the year are counted to close a cycle spent between distance learning and face-to-face lessons, photocopy version of 2020

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And the latest data tell that the infections have increased exponentially in the age group between 6 and 10 years (that of primary school) with 1263 cases of children who tested positive for Covid: numbers that in percentage are also reported by the control carried out by the regional school office, according to which 182 classes are quarantined in the Marche complexes and 39.56% of closed classrooms are in elementary schools.

He postpones
Another age group that is increasing in number of cases is that of high school, i.e. between 14 and 18 years: in the Marche 1062 positive boys belonging to this range were found, while between 11 and 13 years are 959 and 530 between the ages of 19 and 24. The Epidemiological Observatory of the Region also monitored 1095 quarantines from school settings. From 7 April, the day of the return to school of students from the Marche after weeks of distance learning, there was a progressive and also expected increase in quarantined classrooms: on Monday there were 182, with a peak on 28 April of 197 closed classes because of the virus. But from March 28 – as the regional school office explains – “there is no noticeable increase in the reports of quarantines on the platform, but this could be due to possible delays in entering data by schools, perhaps in conjunction with the holidays, weekends and, in the province of Ancona, any bridges for the celebrations of the patron saints of the capital and of Senigallia ». Therefore data that could be lower than the current reality but which still photograph the situation throughout the school career. At the regional level, 19.23% of quarantined classes are in nursery school, 39.56% in primary school, 20.8% of the average and 20.33% of secondary schools.

The comparison
If the provinces of Macerata and Ancona remain on average 30% of cases in elementary schools, in the Pesarese the percentage rises to 42.51 to reach 50% in the provinces of Ascoli and Fermo counted together. As for kindergartens, the lowest percentage of quarantined classes is in the province of Ancona, with 5.26% and in the province of Ascoli and Fermo which in total have a percentage of 14.71. Among the average students, the closed classes for Covid represent 20.8% of the total in the region with a peak in the province of Ancona (26.32%) and in that of Macerata (25.86%). Finally, in the high schools where the quarantined classrooms are 20.33%, the most important percentage is observed in the Doric territory, which is 34.21 much above the regional average.



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