Covid vaccines L’Aquila, obstacle campaign: no Modern and chaos Cap

Covid vaccines L’Aquila, obstacle campaign: no Modern and chaos Cap
Covid vaccines L’Aquila, obstacle campaign: no Modern and chaos Cap

The capital has collected, in recent days, numerous reports of appointments postponed for Modern references. The local health authority, as he explained to us last Friday Domenico Pompei, director of the Department of Hygiene and Prevention, was forced to postpone several recalls since “The remaining doses of Moderna are not sufficient to cover all the previously scheduled appointments“, Adding that“ the vaccines would probably arrive between 1 and 2 May“. The vaccines, on the other hand, have not yet arrived.

The capital he had returned to report the problem even yesterday.

“Unfortunately, they reassured us, explaining that the doses of Moderna would arrive yesterday, but it didn’t. We are still waiting. This forced us to do further postponements: we continue to travel on sight and this is a big problem. Moreover these reminders concern first doses of Moderna that we had administered in the absence of Pfizer during the Easter period. Now, the time for the recall has come, the doses are not there. On Moderna, with respect to Pfizer, we have no precise guarantees regarding the arrival dates: at this point we hope they arrive tomorrow. The fact that the announced dates are not respected does not depend on us “, he explains Pompei, again contacted by the editorial staff.

L’Aquila, modern vaccines insufficient: second doses postponed

The route of the requesting vaccines from the others Regional ASLbut no Health Authority had doses available to supply us immediately ”.

Not just Modern vaccines. Another grain is that of Cap to be included in the Poste platformwhen booking the vaccine.

Many have reported appointments assigned to us in impractical areas, because they are far from the residential address. A problem that occurs mainly with regard to residents in the Municipalities in the eastern area of ​​L’Aquila and in the Alto Aterno area.

It happens, for example, that those who reside in Fossa or Fagnano and book the vaccine, are directed to the offices of Pratola Peligna. “Fault” of the Cap, which in the municipalities ranging from Fossa to Castel di Ieri, along the Aterno Valley, is 67020.

We have already reported the matter to Poste Italiane, it is a problem that concerns the basic system of their Platform, on which reservations must be forwarded. We also sent the aggregations of municipalities, but the post office system fails to fix it. We will come back to report the problem, which seems to concern different provincial territories“, Pompeii adds.

Initially the Poste platform used Google Maps and the assignment of the office was based on the distance in kilometers from the residential address, even though we had provided them with the grouping of post codes and municipalities. The only way to get around this problem is to insert that of L’Aquila in the postcode, or perhaps that of San Demetrio, if close to your address. In this way it is as if it were communicated to be domiciled in L’Aquila and the system should give the availability of offices in the capital“.

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