Covid: Catania overtakes Palermo – lasiciliaweb

Covid: Catania overtakes Palermo – lasiciliaweb
Covid: Catania overtakes Palermo – lasiciliaweb

There are 902 new cases of Covid in Sicily. Yesterday there were 734. The tests carried out are 32,557, with the percentage of positives falling from 5 to 2.7%.

The dead in the last 24 hours are 25, the healed 1,009. 160 people are hospitalized in intensive care, just like yesterday.

This is the distribution of the new infected by province: 361 in Catania, 246 in Palermo, 88 in Agrigento, 75 in Syracuse, 50 in Messina, 50 in Trapani, 18 in Caltanissetta, 14 in Enna, 0 in Ragusa.

Throughout Italy there are 9,116 new positives. Yesterday it had been, 5,948. 305 victims in one day (yesterday 256). The tests are 315,506 (yesterday 121,829), the positivity rate is 2.9% (yesterday it was 4.9%).

In total, the cases since the beginning of the epidemic are 4,059,821, 121,738 dead. The currently positive are 413,889 (-9,669 compared to yesterday), the healed and discharged 3,524,194 (+18,477). There are 393,290 people in home isolation (-9,383).

There are 2,423 hospitalized intensive care patients, down by 67 units compared to yesterday in the daily balance between entries and exits, while daily entries were 136 (yesterday 121). In the ordinary wards 18,176 people are hospitalized, down by 219 units compared to yesterday.





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