but in Agrigento just 2 positives

but in Agrigento just 2 positives
but in Agrigento just 2 positives

The swabs processed in Sicily are few compared to the daily average, thanks to the weekend of May 1st: 14,474. It follows that there are fewer infections (734) and the positivity rate is higher (5%) even if down compared to yesterday (7.9%). This is because on holidays the diagnostic activity continues (therefore the molecular swabs), while the screening activity (the rapid ones) undergoes a slowdown. The fact is that the island, where even today 20 deaths are recorded, is the second Italian region for infections behind Campania. And the province of Palermo records 60% of total cases, 445.

The number of beds occupied in hospitals is increasing, where ordinary hospitalizations are 30 more than yesterday. But even on this figure, the weekend has an effect, where less resignations are usually made than on weekdays. The intensive care units occupied instead become 163 (-3) with only five new entrants. The new healed are 540, while the current positives remain 24,955 with 23,617 treated at home.

In addition to Palermo, the other cases were recorded in Catania (99), Messina (61), Syracuse (35), Trapani (25), Ragusa (28), Caltanissetta (31), Agrigento (2) and Enna (2).

The situation in the rest of Italy

The new Coronavirus bulletin of the Ministry of Health today Monday 3 May 2021 records 5,948 cases out of 121,829 swabs and 256 deaths. Intensive care patients hospitalized for Covid in Italy are 2,490, down by 34 units compared to yesterday in the daily balance between entries and exits, while the daily entries, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 121 (yesterday 109). In the ordinary wards, on the other hand, 18,395 people are hospitalized, an increase of 50 units compared to yesterday.

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin

  • New cases: 5,948 (yesterday 9,148)
  • Cases tested: 46748
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 121,829 (yesterday 156,872)
  • molecular: 77339 of which 5675 positive equal to 7.34%
  • rapid: 44490 of which 271 positive
  • Currently positive: 423,558
  • Hospitalized: 18.395 +50 (yesterday 18.345)
  • Hospitalized in ICU: -34, 2,490, 121 new
  • Died after a positive swab: 121,433
  • Total positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 4,050,708
  • Total Discharged / Healed: 3,505,717
  • Vaccinated: 6,249,347 people (20,755,863 doses administered) that is 84.1% of the 15,612,480 doses delivered by Pfizer, of the 2,207,900 delivered by Moderna and of the 6,532,080 AstraZeneca vaccines and 336,800 Janssen monodoses produced by Johnson & Johnson. The updated vaccine report on the government website. Yesterday 358,474 doses were administered (of which 123 thousand second doses) compared to the 500 thousand desired by the vaccination plan.
  • Who got the vaccine. The vaccination campaign has seen the following number of doses administered as of May 3, 2021: 6,292,723 doses to over 80s; 3,154,480 to seventy-year-olds; 1,252,876 to sixty-year-olds. As for the safety of social assistance structures, RSA guests are vaccinated with 655,937 doses, 3,345,854 doses to frail subjects and caregivers, 3,253,765 to health workers and 895,328 to workers in the health sector. It also appears that 1,172,160 doses were intended for teachers or school staff and 328,121 for law enforcement officers. 404,619 doses, on the other hand, ended up in people not included in the categories for which the vaccination campaign has already been opened.

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