Covid, in the Support Decree bis 61 million to sports clubs for health care costs: the State pays the tampons of Ronaldo, Lukaku and Ibra

Covid, in the Support Decree bis 61 million to sports clubs for health care costs: the State pays the tampons of Ronaldo, Lukaku and Ibra
Covid, in the Support Decree bis 61 million to sports clubs for health care costs: the State pays the tampons of Ronaldo, Lukaku and Ibra

Money public to the ball. Italian football has managed to find a way to at least partially satisfy the absurd claim of refreshments for clubs: get reimbursed i tampons. In Dl Support bis there are 61 million euros of “non-repayable grant to reimburse health care costs for carrying out diagnostic tests for infection with Covid-19, in favor of professional sports clubs and ed sports associations amateurish“. Of these, 10 million will end up in the A league. Practically the swabs of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku e Ibrahimovic the state will pay them.

The ball has been knocking on the door for weeks, months government, from the leaders of individual clubs who never miss an opportunity to cry misery to the leaders of the Leagues, up to the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina. They have already gotten some help: for example the possibility of postponing e pay in installments for months theIrpef on the salaries of soccer players, a waiver that gave the bad budgets of different team. However, it is not enough: the real dream of the masters of the ball is called refreshments, for closed stadiums, the escape of sponsor and other losses due to Covid that are collapsing a system on his knees for some time. An unsustainable request that in fact had never made inroads, at least during the government Conte and the management of the former minister Spadafora. Now for the first time, however, the magic formula appears with the refunds of tampons “non-repayable”Which makes presidents rejoice.

The measure is not really only for Serie A and for football, but for the whole movement, within which there are huge differences between discipline and sectors. There are the amateurs, so the anti-Covid protocols imposed by the government to continue to to train and playing are really unsustainable a level cheap, and to which 32.5 million euros will go. Even among the professionals, not all are the same: for Serie C, a league already struggling with enormous financial problems, an additional cost of 150-160 thousand euros (which is more or less the amount that will now be returned to the 60 clubs) can represent a increase up to 10% of the entire budget. Basically a bloodletting, on which perhaps it was right to intervene.

Different for the Serie A: here the companies have set up a network of controls manic to complete the season (56 thousand tampons in the three summer months of 2020 alone, then the frequency was reduced with the change of protocol). To some extent, however, it could be considered as a investment to protect the revenues of amillionaire industry that those figures get to spend in a single day to pay for a sample. But the refund claim is based on the fact that the tests are imposed by the government, with the various anti-Covid regulations. Just not to do discrimination between the various sectors (it would have been difficult also from a legal point of view, considering that those of the Serie A are professional clubs just like those of Serie B, C, or basketball) the refreshments will end at all. Indeed, in proportion Juventus and Inter will have more than the small clubs of Lega Pro, seen that the Serie A teams (who have performed more tampons) will receive half a million euros each. About 5 million to basketball, 3 to volleyball, 11 to other team sports.

The draft of the decree also provides for another measure for sport: the allocation of 50 million of “Single Fund for the support of sports associations and amateur sports clubs”, established by Minister Spadafora to help restart the basic movement. From this chapter, in particular, are the non-repayable contributions for associations and society: from 400 to 4 thousand euros for those with a fee of lease, otherwise a flat fee of 400 euros for the others. They have already been foreseen 36 thousand disbursements for the months of June and November 2020, and as many should arrive by the beginning of 2021.

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