Covid and travel: EU proposes new rules. Fewer restrictions and tests for children

Covid and travel: EU proposes new rules. Fewer restrictions and tests for children
Covid and travel: EU proposes new rules. Fewer restrictions and tests for children

Rome, 3 May 2021 – EU turnaround on rules for tourism in the second estate Covid. Fewer travel restrictions for those arriving from non-European borders, but an emergency brake ready to take action should it be necessary to stem the spread of Coronavirus variants. “It is time to relaunch the tourism industry and restart border friendships safely”, writes the president of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen on Twitter. “We propose to welcome again vaccinated visitors and those from countries with a good health situation”, he adds. “But if variants emerge, we must act quickly: we propose an EU emergency brake mechanism”. All pending the Green pass (“Digital Green Certificate”) which should be “technically ready” on June 1st, Brussels sources confirm today.

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The Commission is working to lighten the measures for so-called “non-essential trips”, ie those not dictated by business reasons or proven needs. Big slice are obviously the travel for tourism, with particular reference to those outside the Community border. Internal ones are already allowed, although not very easy due to the scarcity of flights.

In a note from the Community Executive it is specified that the relief proposals are made “taking into account the progress of the vaccination campaigns and the developments in the epidemiological situation worldwide”.

The main novelties are two: entry into the EU countries for non-essential reasons would be allowed not only to all people coming from countries with a good epidemiological situation, but also all those who have received thelast dose of a vaccine recommended by the EU “at least 14 days before arrival”. It will be up to Member States to decide whether to extend the green light to those vaccinated with an approved vaccine on the WHO emergency use list.

Furthermore, if Member States decide to waive the requirements to submit a negative PCR test and / or to undergo quarantine for people vaccinated on their territory, they should waive those requirements for vaccinated travelers from non-EU countries.

But not only that, because theEurope it is also thinking of expanding the list of countries from which to readmit travelers for non-essential reasons, including tourists. The proposal, in this sense, is to raise “in line with the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the EU”, the threshold for the number of positive cases that allows to enter the list of countries that are allowed to travel more or less freely.


Brussels then proposes to raise, in line with the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the European Union, “the threshold relating to the number of new cases Covid-19 used to determine a list of countries from which all travel should be permitted. ”


As for the children, those excluded from vaccination should be able to travel with their vaccinated parents if they have a PCR test Covid-19 negative executed at the earliest 72 hours before arrival. “In these cases, Member States may require further testing after arrival.”

Emergency brake

Lightening of the rules, but with an “emergency mechanism” ready to go into action “as a counter-balance” for the partial green light to travel which is not essential. The note released by the Commission proposes to “coordinate at EU level” this ‘brake’ which would allow to limit the risk of “variants entering the Union”.

Israel and the USA

It is not yet time for the go-ahead for travel from Israel and the USA. With some distinctions. The Commission explains that, if the European Commission’s proposal for resuming non-essential travel from non-EU countries later in the vaccination campaign came into effect today, then “we would recommend countries to reopen traffic with Israel” while “with the United United we would have doubts “e “with the United States we are not yet”.

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