“Covid in Poreč? Welcome”. The clash with Sgarbi is epochal – Time

“Covid in Poreč? Welcome”. The clash with Sgarbi is epochal – Time
“Covid in Poreč? Welcome”. The clash with Sgarbi is epochal – Time

Rags fly in the studios of L’aria che tira. The episode of Monday 3 May of the political in-depth talk conducted by Myrta Merlino hosts Vittorio Sgarbi and David Parenzo. The two only need a few minutes to ignite the La7 study, the theme at the center of the conflict is obviously the Covid 19 pandemic, and the consequent restrictive measures imposed by the various governments that have tried to deal with the emergency. A schizophrenic country is defined by Merlino, who shows her guests the crisis of the restaurateurs in the square because they cannot open due to the restrictions and then there are the gatherings for the celebration of the Inter championship. Sgarbi lights up: “Schizophrenic is right, but it must be said that it was a very obedient and humiliated country. The risk of catching the virus in the summer is minimal and those who caught it last summer at the Billionaire are cured because they are young. We cannot impose rules of life on people aged 20 to 60 years, it is a disease that is cured. If he comes to Poreč he gets well, there is no case in which the covid leads you to death before the age of 70 ”. The reporter, feeling called into question, begins to make the gesture of the horns while he was being filmed. “The disease belongs to the old, we cannot force young people to live like old people, I didn’t think about cancer at 30, I think about 70. We cannot force young people to live like old people”, he reiterates.

Then he continues and with bright tones he throws the arrow at the journalist: “If Covid comes to Poreč, so be it, it will pass to it as it has passed to many others. Then stop playing the bad omen by telling you that you have to live as if you were convalescing when nothing happens to you ”, shouts Sgarbi. Meanwhile, Poreč continues to show horns in connection in front of the camera screen. “I’ll send you a Neapolitan croissant”, Merlin jokes, seeing the journalist like this. “I am superstitious, here is good send me a croissant”.

Then he continues by shedding light on the many cases of death in people who were young, going again to tease Sgarbi about what was said before: “Today a RAI journalist died from covid because she did not get the AstraZeneca vaccine. You have to have a conscience, you have to have common sense. “And then we live as sick for our whole life. A 15-year-old has to live like a 70-year-old, you broke the boxes. Stop talking nonsense, I have mentioned thousands of cases of people who have been healed. Covid is cured “, continues Sgarbi who then also takes it out on Merlino:” For a year and two months you have been talking only about this thing, like all your other colleagues, who impose this dramatic life to have it every day. Covid nightmare. Let’s stop talking about the same disease there are so many. ” The annoyed host changes the subject.

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