India overwhelmed by Covid: lack of oxygen in the hospital, 24 deaths in one night. Cnn: “Those who are hospitalized are afraid and want to leave”

India overwhelmed by Covid: lack of oxygen in the hospital, 24 deaths in one night. Cnn: “Those who are hospitalized are afraid and want to leave”
India overwhelmed by Covid: lack of oxygen in the hospital, 24 deaths in one night. Cnn: “Those who are hospitalized are afraid and want to leave”

The paradox is twofold: from today India opens the vaccination for all adults in the country, but the doses have been in short supply for days in many states despite being the nation that more than any other in the world is able to produce anti-Covid serums. The pressure on Indian hospitals continues to be unsustainable in many facilities, while in the last 24 hours they have been recorded 368,147 almost e 3,417 dead. Yesterday the authority sanitary Indian they had announced 3,689 deaths, the highest number recorded in a single day since the start of the pandemic, and just under 400,000 infections. In the hospitals are in short supply oxygen, equipment and health personnel and once the sick are hospitalized, he writes Cnn, new heavy ones arrive concerns. Meanwhile i family members of 24 sick of Covid-19 died last night at the public hospital in Chamarajanagar, in Karnataka, after the hospital ran out of oxygen, they started a sit-in calling for action against the authorities. The prefect of the city told reporters that it has yet to be verified whether the deaths were actually caused by the lack of oxygen, while the governor called an urgent meeting of his cabinet board.

The service of the CNN – The American broadcaster, in an online reportage, in fact underlines how even within the hospital facilities patients are often left to fend for themselves, and die without being assisted. The investigation takes into consideration what happens inside the Sardar Patel Covid Care Center, on the outskirts of Delhi. It tells about the hospitalization of Sadanand patel, 30 years old, sick with Covid, who sleeps on a cardboard bed like all the other patients, in a structure that looks like an open space warehouse. In three days he was able to see the doctor twice, he heard the cries of patients begging for treatment shortly before dying and on the fifth day of hospitalization “at least five people around him had died and a dead body he stayed for hours on the bed next to hers before being removed ”. Government e authority locals continue to promise supplies of oxygen and new health personnel, but the announcements are not reflected in reality. Also other sick people report the absence of care, which they receive only from friends e relatives visiting. People who enter structures where, however, the sick are all together and the risk of getting infected is high. Besides Sadanand, there are other patients who a Cnn they explain that they want to be discharged after a few days of hospitalization because they do not come assisted and fear they will die. Relatives and families pressure outside hospitals for doctors to let their loved ones out and patients suggest that they leave the hospital. structure as soon as conditions improve.

The electoral spoils – Meanwhile, in a degraded health context and where the official numbers of the pandemic remain underestimated, the counting of the votes of the elections held in four states has begun (Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala). The choice to allow electoral rallies a March e April was strongly criticized for the risks related to coronavirus and the first results indicate that the party of Modi was not awarded at the polls.

Aid from Italy – The situation worries internationally, so much so that the UK, which last week had already promised 200 ventilators, 495 oxygen concentrators and three oxygen generators, has decided to send further aid: London he promised a thousand more ventilators and the health service of England, which fought one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in Europe, is setting up an advisory group to share its expertise with the Indian authorities. In addition to this, the private initiatives of fundraising (in the UK 1.4 million people are of Indian descent). And on Tuesday the British premier, Boris Johnson, is planning a video meeting with Modi to discuss further cooperation.

In the meantime, aid will also arrive from Italy: an Italian team made up of group staff Maxemergency 118 of the Piedmont Region, by a doctor of the Region Lombardy and a representative of the Ministry of Health left Turin with aid and materials to provide support to the coronavirus emergency in the Asian country. A mission coordinated by the Civil Protection Department within the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

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