Here’s what will happen (according to virologists) after the party in the square of the Inter fans

Here’s what will happen (according to virologists) after the party in the square of the Inter fans
Here’s what will happen (according to virologists) after the party in the square of the Inter fans

Lots of Nerazzurri flags, few masks and very little social distancing. There are 30 thousand (according to the Police Headquarters) who took part in the Inter Scudetto party in Piazza Duomo in Milan on Sunday. And the question is only one: what will happen on the covid front?

Virologists agree that the risk of contagion is particularly high and the effects of what happened will only be seen in mid-May. In the past few hours, the president of the Higher Health Council and CTS coordinator, Franco Locatelli, said that “we cannot afford these images”, all scientists agree with him. “We hope that there will be few problems because in the open air we know that the risk is reduced – said Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist at the University of Milan – but singing for a long time becomes an element of risk. We will not immediately see these effects, we hope that there may be only a small upsurge in infections, but there is a risk “.

Fontana: “It was predictable, let’s hope the infections won’t increase”

Massimo Galli, director of the Infectious Diseases clinic of the Sacco hospital in Milan, also criticized: “I’m an Inter fan but things that don’t go well cannot be accepted regardless. It was an event that, in those terms, made no sense . I’m sorry because it involves the people with whom I share a passion. But the passion had to be expressed differently “

According to Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, the celebrations in the square were to be avoided “perhaps by using the stadium. I have long argued that a stadium with reduced capacity is safer, at 15-20% where everyone they are tidy, spaced and with masks, with respect to these disorderly street demonstrations. Sorry that a way has not been found to do it in complete safety at San Siro. Now there are risks if you don’t wear a mask and crowd yourself “.

According to Roberto Ieraci, infectious disease specialist and scientific referent for the vaccination strategies of the Lazio Region, the party of the Nerazzurri fans “was a total nonsense and should be avoided”. “The yellow zone does not mean that everyone is free – the expert recalled – but that the mask, distance and hand hygiene are rules that must be respected. And in Piazza Duomo the first two were not there. vaccinated is increasing, but before the virus ‘reservoir’ drops, as happened in the United Kingdom and Israel, it is necessary to continue to behave correctly. Even if your favorite team wins “.

Lukaku celebrates with the fans

The party in Piazza Duomo, however, could also be a “test case” for what will happen in the summer: “The celebrations have offered us an extraordinary assistance to understand, in 10 days, if and how, under national vaccination and with large numbers of people outdoors, we have to consider summer, “said Mauro Minelli, head of the Italian Foundation for Personalized Medicine for the South. What happened in Milan will be “a test bed, a test, an unexpected and deliberate experiment – assumed Minelli – that will be able to tell us much more than a thousand forecasts from television oracles. As if to say that the sustainability of tourism 2021 could pass from Milan Cathedral”.

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