when he wants to start the government

when he wants to start the government
when he wants to start the government

How and where the students will be vaccinated? As soon as possible, the government will administer doses of the Covid vaccine to girls and boys directly in schools. The Minister of Education made it known, Patrizio Bianchi, which however underlined the need to immunize teachers and school staff first.

Vaccinations for students at school: what Bianchi said

After the change of directive on the vaccination plan by the Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the vaccination of the school world has come to a halt. As already anticipated by the Lazio strategy, throughout Italy in the end, vaccination was opted for first to the elderly, and only afterwards to the categories of public and private workers.

When most of the Over 70s are vaccinated, then school vaccinations will resume. In some cases maybe own a school.

Vaccination in schools is one way to go, but we complete the vaccination of teachers and all staff“, Bianchi said during an interview with Sky TG 24. Later we will move on to face”the problem even of older kids and progressively of all those under the age of 16”.

The Pfizer company has announced that by June the EMA’s okay to administer the vaccine for the 12-15 year range could arrive.

In a month and a half or two the vaccination of teachers and school staff could actually be completed in a month and a half or two, but it is unlikely that at that point it will start immediately with the younger groups, if only because of the not high availability of doses (net of the green light of EMA).

Vaccination of younger groups could begin after the summer, close to the start of classes, when most of the adult population should have received at least one dose by now.

School and Covid, what will happen this summer

Recently, the plan of the Ministry of Education was announced which provides for the school to be open during the summer. In the months of June and September, Bianchi explained, there will be some verification of the state of knowledge and learning, while July and August will be used to “rediscover that sociality missed by the boys”. Bianchi added that the department is studying the awards for professors who will want to work in the summer.

In the interview, Minister Bianchi also spoke about the funds for schools contained in the Recovery Fund, which, counting also the research, will receive 30 billion euros. Of these, 309 million will go to the management of services for young children, “an investment that has found all the government unanimous”.

Will the DAD return in September?

A part of the intervention by Minister Bianchi was dedicated to distance learning, which it won’t be “what we saw last year pulled by the hair “.

Teaching is everyone’s ability to use all the tools. Because if everyone is capable we will also avoid discrimination otherwise it will be a new object of discrimination. Instead they are more tools, they are more things, which however must be based on this principle: the ability to live together”Minister Bianchi later said on the matter. Means that the DAD will also be there next September?

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