Vaccines, over 1 billion administrations

Vaccines, over 1 billion administrations
Vaccines, over 1 billion administrations

Overtaking the United States this second ranking explains why while Washington has based its campaign mainly on Pfizer and Moderna, with fixed calls after 21 and 28 days, London has instead strongly focused on AstraZeneca, extending the interval between administrations even to 12 weeks, to allow however more people to have at least the first dose. Absolutely, the China it has the highest number of inoculations (265 million), then the USA (237.9 million), India (152 million) and the European Union (146 million).

And in Europe?

Having said the great results of the United Kingdom, which however managed the phase of procurement of vaccines on the market in total autonomy, it is interesting to see the data of the countries of the EU block. In absolute terms, leading the ranking of the largest number of administrations is the Germany, with nearly 30 million. Then follow France (21 million as of April 28) e Italy (20.5 million as of May 1), Spain and Poland close the top 5, the last two to have exceeded the quota of 10 million (15 for Madrid, 11 for Warsaw).

If, on the other hand, you look at the numbers relating to vaccines administered in relation to the population, the ranking changes radically. Guide Malta, which on the island is home to 502 thousand inhabitants and has reached 740 administrations per thousand inhabitants. Then there is Hungary (599.80) followed by Lithuania, Germany and Spain. In this ranking Italy is ninth (322, 30), with numbers slightly higher than those of France (321.30). Also in this case the data are updated respectively on 29 and 28 April.

A third ranking instead is given by the number of people they have completed the vaccination course, that is, they have received both doses or the Johnson & Johnson single dose. While, for absolute numbers, Germany, France and Italy always lead, with the data relating to the population the results change: once again it excels Malta, which immunized 23.6% of the population, followed by Hungary (19.47), Denmark (10), Lithuania (9.90) and Romania (9.70). Italy is fifth, with 9.48% of the population fully vaccinated, ahead of Spain and France. Germany was behind, which as of April 29 had immunized 7.62% of its inhabitants.

What happens in Serbia and Hungary

As you can see from the map above, in addition to the United Kingdom and Hungary, of which we have spoken, one of the “greenest” nations – that is, one of those to have vaccinated the most is Serbia, which is not part of the European Union. As already done by Orban, the government of Aleksandar Vucic also resorted to Sputnik-V e Sinopharm, the Russian and Chinese vaccines. A circumstance that in the rest of the West has largely not occurred, trivially because the regulatory bodies of reference (the EMA for Europe, the FDA for the United States) have not yet approved them.

Not that this is a necessary condition to be able to stock up on certain vaccines on the market: each EU state has been given the opportunity to individually conclude contracts with other companies, other than those “approved” by the Union. For this reason, in addition to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and San Marino also independently ordered doses of Sputnik-V.

The two countries, therefore, have been able to count on a number of doses more than those “foreseen” by the European Union (a discourse which in this case only applies to Budapest). Hungary managed to fully immunize 20.17% of its population, Serbia 22%, the highest percentage in all of continental Europe (and second in all of Europe behind the United Kingdom). The Belgrade government even organized “vaccination holidays” for tourists (but the initiative was later abolished).

At the moment, it appears that Orban and Vucic’s strategy is paying off. However, it is difficult to think that it can be replicated elsewhere: Moscow does not have the capacity to produce large-scale doses of Sputnik, and if EMA approval comes it could not supply the entire EU-bloc.


Vaccines billion administrations

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