Milan’s Hollywood closed after anti-covid checks

Live music, dancing and no masks. In spite of the anti covid rules. The Pas agents closed the historic Hoollywood disco in Milan on the night between Friday and Saturday, fining the owner for failing to comply with the rules to limit the spread of the covid.

According to what has been learned, the police blitz in the venue in Corso Como 15 was triggered around three o’clock. Inside were found 200 people without masks or distancing, drinking and dancing with a lot of DJs on the console. The owner was therefore fined with a fine of 400 euros – because the parties in the discos are prohibited until January 31st – and from today, Saturday January 15th, the obligatory closure for 5 days has taken place.

An hour earlier, identical checks had been carried out by agents in Tocqueville, another very famous place in the area. There, the policemen found 150 people without masks or distances, who, however, were standing next to the tables listening to music played by a computer. A 400 euro fine was therefore issued for the holder, but without the temporary suspension of the license.

It is not the first time that Hollywood has come to terms with anti-covid regulations. Already last September the nightclub was closed for another 5 days by the local police, who had detected a series of irregularities.


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