the new version for the reinforced Green Pass

the new version for the reinforced Green Pass
the new version for the reinforced Green Pass

As expected, the update that makes it is being rolled out VerificaC19 ready for the now imminent arrival of the Reinforced Green Pass, the measure implemented by the Government with the aim of facing the last weeks of the year (and the first of 2022) without running the risk of succumbing to the fourth wave of infections that is already putting a large part of Europe in difficulty. To get the new version all you have to do is download the update on your Android, iOS or Huawei smartphones, respectively from the official Play Store, App Store or AppGallery platforms.

Reinforced Green Pass: the new version of VerificationC19

What changes is the possibility of distinguishing between the two incarnations of the certification available starting from Monday 6 December: the Green Pass defined Basic also issued to those who execute i tampons, which allows non-immunized people to go to work, and that strengthened (by someone called Super Green Pass) reserved for those who undergo the administration of the vaccine or can vouch for their own healing of COVID-19.

When the app opens, under the heading “Verify a COVID-19 Green Certification” there are two options: Enhanced Verification (vaccination, recovery) e Basic Verification (vaccination, recovery, tampon).

In this way, those who manage, for example, a restaurant, a club or an activity for which the obligation of a reinforced Green Pass is required, can guarantee that the holder of the certification is in possession of the necessary requirements to access it. We remind you that, from 15 December, the duration of the document issued following the inoculation will return to being equal to nine months and no longer twelve.

Verification C19 remains the tool to refer to to run the certificate checkby scanning the QR code simply by framing it with the smartphone camera. In the event of non-compliance with the law, heavy fines of up to 1,000 euros are envisaged. The authorities have promised to intensify patrols throughout the territory with random inspections.


version reinforced Green Pass

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