Castelveccana, “My husband false positive, but my son and I in quarantine anyway”

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First it is not covid, then yes, and then two more swabs rule out positivity. Meanwhile, an entire family stayed for four days at the mercy of the protocols of Ats, undergoing a probably unnecessary quarantine.

It is a woman from Castelveccana who tells our editorial staff the whole story. The husband, on Monday morning, warns of ailments and goes to emergency room in Cittiglio. The first swab is negative, he is hospitalized for another cause: acute diverticulitis.

But then comes the verification buffer, which he gives opposite outcome and then the isolation process starts, with transfer to the covid unit of the Varese hospital. The relatives of the man – wife and child – are notified via text message by the Health Protection Agency and follow the procedures without leaving home.

Fortunately the man’s condition does not get worse, and the third and fourth tampons They “restore” negativity to the coronavirus. The patient remains isolated, the health staff plans a second transfer, this time to the Medicine ward, for the following day.

“From there, we at home remained in the limbo of the Ats system – says the woman who contacted us – dozens and dozens of phone calls to all possible numbers, without receiving a reply. Exasperated, I called the carabinieri of Luino, who in the evening confirmed that they had to stay at home, waiting for indications from the health authority ”.

Another day passes and the Carabinieri of Casteleveccana visit the woman in the morning to check the progress of her quarantine. On this occasion they provide you with further contact details, including telephone numbers and email addresses, to try to understand something. The process of contacts resumes until the afternoon: “A message on Ats’s cell phone he informed us that the quarantine, to which we should not have been subjected, was over ”.

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