“We do not foresee any changes in the bracket”

Is Lazio at risk of the yellow zone? Not according to the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato, who takes stock of the situation also with regard to the vaccination campaign.

“Yesterday in Lazio (Friday 3 December) they were administered 55,519 vaccines of which over 51 thousand booster doses, well beyond the assigned target of 38 thousand – explains the commissioner – The percentage of the population over 12 years with two doses is 89%, while the percentage of the population over 12 who has also done the recall is at 17%. For tomorrow’s extraordinary open day (in Latina at the Icot) some free slots are still available online and it is an important opportunity to call for those who have not yet booked. I remember that you just need to go to the regional portal (https://prenotavaccino-covid.regione.lazio.it/main/home) in the section ‘extraordinary booster dose opening’ having the health card with you and choosing one of the vaccination sites made available by Aiop Lazio. To date, we have over 1,236,000 booster dose reservations. The most numerous bracket are the over 80 with over 100 thousand bookings, followed by the 56/57 and 58/59 age bracket with 65 thousand bookings, the 20/21 age bracket closes with over 11 thousand bookings, the eighteen-year-olds exceed the 20-year-olds the 18/19 bracket it is in fact 12,210 reservations “.

As for the contacts, the region currently has an Rt value of 1.01 “lower than the national RT value – adds the commissioner – and the goal is to stabilize it and return it under 1. This in perspective may allow us to do not have band changes, which in any case our technicians exclude for the next few weeks “.


foresee bracket

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