what restrictions are there for the holidays?

The news of the last few days on the percentage of beds occupied in intensive care or non-critical area portend a Christmas in the yellow zone. The news has an alarmist tone, with newspapers that even fear the lockdown for 24 million Italians for the most affected regions.

At the moment, however, it should be remembered, the Decree against Covid-19 provides for the isolation of the population, without distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated, only in the case of passage of coloring in red zone. A scenario still far from the current data and which, for December 6, will see the passage of some regions in the yellow zone.

The yellow zone, as has now been repeated far and wide, provides definable limits soft and non-existent for vaccinated holders of a reinforced green pass. However, there is some difference for those who do not have the vaccine, which is subject to a series of specific restrictions.

Italy in the yellow zone at Christmas: what restrictions and for whom

Imagine a scenario in which the coloring of all regions, or most regions, is yellow. What happens in this case? Since the approval of the new decree against Covid-19, the discussion of the restrictions in the yellow zone has never subsided, but in the end what are they?

The fundamental point on which we should focus is not so much the step of coloring from white area to yellow area – for the other two colors the matter changes – but on the possibility or not of owning a reinforced green pass. The man who tried to get vaccinated with a silicone arm to get certified certainly understood this.

Aside from December 6, the restrictions for the yellow zone are themandatory outdoor mask, already mandatory in some cities even in the white zone and the inability to participate in certain events or to consume indoors for the unvaccinated.

Christmas parties in the yellow zone: what can’t the unvaccinated do?

The doubt about what can or cannot be done in the yellow zone relates only to the unvaccinated, currently just under 7 million Italians. A convinced no-vax or a frightened person who has not yet started the vaccination course may actually start feeling the restrictions already from the yellow zone.

The reinforced green pass, or as it is called by the media “super green pass”, is required to access catering places, such as pubs, bars and pizzerias, to consume indoors. It will also be used to access cinemas, theaters, concert halls and many others indoor activities as well as public events.

A sore point is definitely theaccess to discos, which after years try to return to full operation at least in the New Year period, but which can only be accessed if in possession of the reinforced green pass, therefore only if vaccinated and with a capacity limit of 75% outdoors and 50% indoors.

For the rest of the activities, such as sports or simply moving with local public transport and you will not need the green pass ordinario, therefore the one obtainable with only the negative buffer.

Orange or red zone risk at Christmas: where

There are several regions that risk ending up in the yellow zone, according to the percentages of infections and intensive therapies would be as many as 10.

Among these the Friuli Venezia Giulia it is the first region that, finished in the yellow zone, is already to be considered a orange zone risk. This is because, since the yellow zone was introduced, the region has seen an increase in ICU jobs, even if only by one percentage point.

Today the Friuli Venezia Giulia it has 15% (+ 1%) of beds occupied in intensive care and 23% (0%) in non-critical area. To pass into the orange zone, the bed data must be greater than 20% for intensive care and greater than 30% for all other departments.

Restrictions on Christmas in the orange zone?

In the orange zone many of the restrictions already known for this saturation coloration of infections and intensive therapies return. Even in this case, however, the limitations remain only for the unvaccinated, that is, for those who do not have a reinforced green pass.

This means that, if at Christmas a region ends up in the orange zone, the unvaccinated will not be able to leave the borders of the region and will not be able to access the activities and indoor places, which will remain open for the vaccinated.

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