from 13 December bookings will start in the Lazio Region

from 13 December bookings will start in the Lazio Region
from 13 December bookings will start in the Lazio Region

After the Aifa ok also in Italy it will be possible to vaccinate i children aged between 5 and 11 years against the Covid-19. The official date for the first bookings seems to be that of December 16th but the Lazio region plays early and announced that the vaccination campaign for children will start from 13 December.

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To book in one of the 78 dedicated centers, simply enter the data of the health card on the platform Commissioner Figliuolo’s facility announced that it plans to distribute 1.5 million pediatric doses of the mRna-Pfizer vaccine in December. This is a first tranche which will then be integrated in January.

Experts reiterated that the vaccine is more than safe for children. “We have a study done on 3000 children, with a reduced dose, that is 1/3 of the dose: the vaccine remains effective and without worrying adverse events, only local reactions, a little fever and headache. For now there are no myocarditis, ”said Patrizia Popoli, president of the Aifa technical-scientific commission on Radio too.

“The data showed high levels of effectiveness around 91%.” To these data are added «those included in the US pharmacovigilance database, where we left on 29 October and over 3 million children were vaccinated. Here too, although the follow-up is not very long, no particular safety problems are highlighted “. Thus Maria Paola Trotta, coordinator of the Aifa crisis unit dedicated to Covid, on Radio 24.

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December bookings start Lazio Region

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