Covid, principals and teachers left alone, ASL in difficulty in tracking. The government is running for cover

Covid, principals and teachers left alone, ASL in difficulty in tracking. The government is running for cover
Covid, principals and teachers left alone, ASL in difficulty in tracking. The government is running for cover

The day after the incredible overturning of the government on the subject of quarantines at school, the image that remains is of a split within the Technical Scientific Committee and beyond. The result is clear: bewilderment on the part of all the actors involved in the story, from school administrators to students through teachers and parents.

its The print we read of the anger of the technicians of the Ministry of Health: the circular on Monday evening was disavowed after only 24 hours, but the system of the first provision was solid and was based on the latest epidemiological data.

Health and Education are disavowed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi who has focused on the school in attendance since the inauguration speech in Parliament.

The circular is rewritten, but the same technicians of the Scientific Technical Committee are dissatisfied: Draghi would only deal with Locatelli, taking away space from the others who would be involved only for marginal events.

Own Locatelli he reassured the prime minister on the possibility of avoiding, for the moment, more traumatic measures such as that of the DD for only one positive in class.

The current situation, however, is critical: the summer had deluded that the worst was behind us and instead, especially on the subject of tracing, the schools are left alone, the ASL are unable to chase all cases.

The debacle of the tracing is there for all to see and the commitment of the commissarial structure of General Figliuolo is the latest attempt, in chronological order, to improve the contact tracing.

In a note, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, having acknowledged the willingness expressed by the Commissarial Structure, asked General Figliuolo to draw up an intervention plan for tracing the schools, aimed at increasing the activity of rapid verification of any cases of Sars-Cov2 infection within class-groups, and facilitate the continuation of teaching activities in the presence.

According to the plan, the tracking system in place of the autonomous Regions-Provinces will be strengthened thanks to military assets readily made available by the Minister of Defense Guerini and coordinated by the Operational Command of the Joint Forces Summit (Covi).

In particular it is expected the systematic use of the network of eleven defense molecular biology laboratories already present in eight regions, capable of processing molecular swabs carried out at home by military mobile teams, in addition to the possible deployment of two mobile laboratories.



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