Covid. In Rome, from December 4th to 31st, outdoor masks are mandatory in the shopping streets

The ordinance was signed yesterday by the mayor Gualtieri. Children under the age of 6, people with disabilities and those engaged in sports activities continue to be excluded from this obligation.

02 DEC – The Mayor Roberto Gualtieri on 1/12/2020 signed the ordinance 220 which introduces starting from 00.01 on Saturday 4th December, until 24.00 on Friday 31 December, the obligation to wear the mask outdoors in the streets of the shopping identified by the Police Headquarters and subjected to extraordinary control measures and in all places where interpersonal distancing cannot be guaranteed. Children under the age of 6, people with disabilities and those engaged in sports activities continue to be excluded from this obligation.

Principle underlying this ordinance: maximum attention and respect for the rules to be more free. According to the Capitoline administration, the mask is a fundamental tool for the prevention of contagions: for this reason, the obligation to open air has been ordered in the areas identified by the Police Headquarters and subject to quota measures, but also in all the other shopping streets and in the meeting places where the high influx of people makes it necessary to always wear it to prevent the possibility of being in contact with others without this protection.

Thanks to the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters and the Local Police, it will be possible to put in place effective control mechanisms. However, it is above all up to the Roman women with their behavior to guarantee the application of this and other fundamental safety rules, protecting themselves and others. The effects of the ordinance and the trend of the contagion curve will be assessed, and if necessary, the provision will be strengthened with a generalized obligation.

Areas affected by the provision

After a careful analysis of the data, a series of areas of the Capitoline territory in which extraordinary control measures are in place and which will be promptly affected by the ordinance had already been identified by the Police Headquarters. Starting with those of the so-called Trident, in the historic center (via del Corso, via di Ripetta, via del Babuino, piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, piazza del Parlamento, piazza San Silvestro, largo Chigi, largo Carlo Goldoni, piazza di Spagna, piazza del Popolo, via della Croce, via dei Condotti; via Borgognona and via Frattina) to others particularly interested in the flow of shopping such as: via Cola di Rienzo, via Marcantonio Colonna, via Fabio Massimo, piazza Cola di Rienzo, via Ottaviano, viale Giulio Cesare, via Candia and viale Libia.

The Capitoline Administration has also clarified that, also taking into account the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 22 June 2021, the obligation to use the mask must be strictly applied in all areas where gatherings and crowding can occur (other shopping streets, meeting places, markets, Christmas markets, fairs of various kinds, exhibitions and any other event organized for the Christmas holidays outdoors) in which, in agreement with the Prefect and the top of the Police Forces, they will be strengthened the controls.

02 December 2021
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