here are the infections for each municipality

The epidemiological situation in the Vibonese. According to the latest data provided by the provincial health authority – updated on the evening of 30 November -, the active cases are 387, of which 9 are hospitalized in the Covid ward of the Jazzolino hospital in Vibo Valentia.
The municipality that registers the most infections is Vibo Valentia: in the capital city and its hamlets there are 78 positives. A nice leap forward if we consider that about ten days ago there were about fifty. Even in the neighboring area Ionadi the situation is serious: they are 38 active cases and this morning Mayor Antonio Arena signed 3 more quarantine orders. [Continua in basso]

A Ricadi there are 34 active cases to date, one of which is hospitalized. Here the outbreak started from the schools: there are about twenty positive children, with consequences in some of the families and also in home for the elderly of San Nicolò, where guests and staff have been quarantined. The mayor, Nicola Tripodi, in recent days has adopted one series of measures able to contain the infection as much as possible. And therefore kindergarten, elementary and middle schools of Ricadi closed until 3; obligation to mask even outdoors, prohibition of gathering e closing of the three weekly markets in Ricadi, San Nicolò and Santa Domenica.

A Miletus the ASP reports 31 cases, but the mayor Salvatore Fortunato Giordano communicates that the positives are 38. Several of these concern students, from kindergarten to high school. Yesterday the screening on two primary classes gave a negative result, while on 30 swabs carried out at the Accounting Office one was positive. “Although the infections are consistent, the virus is not rampant, given that the cases are also attributable to family infections, “said the mayor. [Continua in basso]

He follows San Gregorio d’Ippona, where the situation remains more or less stable with 21 infections. TO San Costantino Calabro there are 17, while a Protection payment 15 and 14 a San Calogero. A Mongiana, where the mayor Francesco Angilletta, closed all schools up to 5 and imposed the obligation of the mask outdoors, the active cases are 13 – of which 3 in hospital.

The situation in the area has definitely improved Tight, where weeks ago there was so much apprehension. According to ASP data, in fact, the active cases a Sierra San Bruno they have been reduced to 7; 2 are the infections a Sorianello and 0 in the nearby Soriano, as well as a Spadola, Brognaturo e Simbario.

A Pizzoni, where the kindergarten is closed until 4 December for a positive child, there are 3 cases; while a Cessaniti sono 6, all boys: this is the reason why distance learning for middle school was started. More or less everywhere in the rest of the municipalities of Vibon, the infections remain below ten units, but very few “Covid free” territories remain. [Continua in basso]

I hospitalized in the province they are divided as follows: 1 from Francica, 1 from Mileto, 3 from Mongiana, 1 from Pizzo, 1 from Ricadi, 1 from San Calogero and 1 from Vibo.

In the meantime, vaccinations, in particular the third doses, are continuing. In the Vibonese area we proceed with an average of a thousand doses administered per day.

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