In Rome, Covid runs in schools, 70% classes in Dad and elementary schools

Empty schools in Rome due to the pandemic. The alarm comes from the principals of the capital who rattle off the numbers of the last few weeks.

Of the total classes in dad, 60-70% are in elementary school.

Mario Rusconi who leads the NPC, the National Association of Presidents of Rome. “The invitation we are making – says Rusconi – is to vaccinate children from 12 years old and, after the expected AIFA ok for doses to the youngest, also children from 5 to 11 years old: with the vaccination of a good number of high school students the classes in dad in this age group are few “.

Meanwhile, the controversy mounts over the government’s turnaround on dad and the new indications for the management of positive cases in the school environment.

“The school and the families were disconcerted by the change in the count of quarantines which took place in less than 24 hours, previously a child or a boy with the infection was enough, now two or three, depending on the age – adds Rusconi – At this moment, there is a need for institutions to be highly credible, efficient and, above all, to take care of the trust that institutions, starting with schools and families, have in them, especially at this moment in which the ‘hypothesis, probably very realistic, of vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 12 and this requires families to be strongly reassured by credible institutions ”.

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