LIVE COVID-19 – Austria, no vax risk a fine of up to 7,200 euros. 9 confirmed cases of Omicon in Campania. In Lazio occupied 10% of the ICU beds

There were 12,764 positives as of November 30th and 89 deaths were recorded. The swabs carried out are 719,972, including rapid tests. The percentage of positives is 1.8%. The victims are 133,828 in total, while intensive care is 683 (+14 compared to yesterday), with 64 entries in the last 24 hours. Total cases, including deaths and healed, reach 5,028,547.

22:04“There will be no return to Dad in the event of the presence of only one infected pupil”. Government sources specify this, explaining that, in light of the current epidemiological situation and after the necessary investigations, the previous rules on classroom quarantine continue to apply. An explanatory circular from the Ministry of Health will be published shortly.

21:35 – Oil sinks in New York, where prices are losing 5.4% to 66.15 dollars a barrel. Fears that the Omicron variant will slow demand are weighing heavily.

21:07 – EU Commission meeting on the new measures – scheduled for tomorrow – to combat the variant Omicron. The meeting, tweeted the president of the European executive Ursula von der Leyen, focused on some priorities, from increasing the sequencing and tracking capacity to the acceleration of vaccines and third doses up to the repatriation of EU citizens to Southern Africa. “Today I meet on Omicron. Caution, temporary limits on arrivals from southern Africa, precautionary measures, coordination on green passes. And above all, more vaccines and no panic”, the EU Commissioner echoes in another tweet. Paolo Gentiloni.

20:44 – From tomorrow on Palarescifina Messina will close as a vaccination hub and will remain open only to carry out “drive in” activities for schools, provided in the external area, and carry out control swabs for those infected with COVID-19 and must check if it is still positive , but only upon call by the Usca. Vaccinations in the city of Messina will continue regularly in the Fiera hubs and military hospital. Users who had already booked the vaccine at Palarescifina will be able to receive it at the Fair. The Covid emergency office in Messina reports this.

20:19 – About the variante Omicron of Sars-CoV-2, “there are signs of a possible risk of new infection supported by this new variant in people recovered from COVID-19”. This is what was reported by the experts of the Nicd, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of South Africa, during a conference call today with the colleagues of the Task Force for the study of variants of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome. Likewise, “the epidemiological data shown – reads a note from the Capitoline Institute for Infectious Diseases – are not currently able to suggest or confirm a possible increase in infections among vaccinated people. It is therefore possible that vaccines currently in use maintain their protective capacity against serious disease even in the presence of the new variant “. The doctors then underlined that “at the moment the public health measures adopted by the South African government are limited to the use of masks, distancing and vaccinations” .-

19:55 – The UK government aims to offer all adults the third dose of the Covid vaccine by January 2022. This was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, assuring that the vulnerable and the elderly are given priority. “Please don’t book until the NHS says it’s your turn,” he added.


16:29 – The obligation of outdoor masks is “a hypothesis on which we are reflecting, underlining however that already today the outdoor mask is mandatory in cases where gatherings occur, but I realize that there may be a need to emphasize this rule more clearly and more clearly in such a delicate moment “. Thus the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa a Another day its Rai1. “We are facing a period for which it is reasonable to think that in our streets there may be a strong concentration of people. It is obvious that we are reflecting, we will evaluate in the coming days”.

15:58 – “Today in lLzio out of 17,628 molecular swabs and 35,398 antigenic swabs for a total of 53,026 swabs, there are 1,253 new positive cases (+132), 10 deaths (+5), 708 hospitalized (-27), 97 therapies intensive and +751 the healed. The ratio between positives and swabs is 2.3%. cases in rRma city are at 611 “. Thus the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. “We have resumed the maximum level of sequencing to intercept the presence of the variants – he adds -. Rt value is estimated to decrease just above 1”.

15:22 – The German Chancellor in pectore Olaf Scholz he expressed himself in favor of the general obligation for the anticovid vaccine, during the consultation between the State and the Regions on Covid, in which he participates together with Angela Merkel. “It is important to establish a general obligation to vaccinate,” he said according to reports from some German media, including Spiegel.

14:50 – Councilor Widmann: “From Monday South Tyrol in the yellow zone” The Councilor for Health recalled that in recent days Bolzano had already anticipated the measures from the yellow zone, such as the obligation to wear an outdoor mask and Ffp2 on public transport , and that for this reason “for the South Tyroleans it will change little”

14:23 – “From today we want to do direct access for the first doses, without reservation, with free access, they need to allow those who want to get vaccinated with the first dose to get safe immediately”. This was announced by the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia today during the press point. “While all those who have received the reservation for the third dose but have already expired the six months will be reached by an email within the day and will be able to modify their reservation from a link safely, without canceling the previous reservation. who book from today will have a new element introduced in the booking email, ie a link, to change the reservation, without losing the seat “, he explained.

13:50 – Goldman Sachs expects a cumulative economic impact of new Covid cases with the Omicron variant in the fourth and first quarter of approximately 0.4% of GDP in the euro area and 0.2% of GDP in the United Kingdom. “The cases of Covid – notes the rating agency – have increased rapidly in some European countries and hospitalizations have increased rapidly, particularly in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The new variant of Omicron could exacerbate these pressures, but given the high uncertainty about its characteristics we still do not have an opinion on its impact in our baseline scenario. Therefore we continue to look at further targeted and regional restrictions, rather than general blockades, with a manageable economic brake coming from the fourth wave. “

13:20 – In Austria from 1 February 2022, people who persist in not getting vaccinated risk having to pay a fine of up to 7,200 euros. It is when he foresees the preliminary draft of the vaccination obligation bill that will be announced on December 6 by the government. The first penalty for the Austrian ‘no vax’ could be equal to 3,600 euros, an amount that will then be doubled if the non-compliance continues. As specified by the Minister for European and Constitutional Affairs, Karoline Edtstad, the amounts could still be adjusted because it is not excluded that the specification on the financial situation of the individual can be introduced.

12:50 – In Russia, 32,648 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the last day 1.229 deaths caused by the disease: this was reported by the anti-coronavirus operations center, taken over by the Interfax and Tass agencies. According to Interfax, the number of new cases in one day is the lowest recorded in the country since last October 15. On November 19 and 20, the coronavirus operations center recorded 1,254 deaths caused by the disease in the previous 24 hours, the highest number recorded in a day in the country since the beginning of the epidemic.

12:20 – “The commitment now is on the vaccine recalls, yesterday there were 50 thousand bookings of people over 18 and tomorrow we target 700 thousand third doses”. This was stated by the councilor for health of the Lazio region, Alessio D’Amato, speaking on the sidelines of the laying of the first stone of the new building of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome.

12:00 – Another 5 cases of contagion from the Omicron variant of Covid-19 emerged from the contact tracing of the “patient zero” Caserta professional. These are three pupils from the school attended by one of the man’s children, a member of the school staff and a woman who works for the family as a caregiver. These 5 cases are in addition to the 3 positivity that emerged yesterday, the wife and two children of the professional, and of the professional himself, for a total of 9 confirmed cases of positivity to the Omicron variant in Campania.

11:30 – “The measures entered into force today are proportionate and responsible and will save us time in the face of this new variant.” This was stated by the British premier Boris Johnson on his profile Twitter, commenting on the introduction of the new restrictions, including the obligation to wear a mask in England in shops and on public transport to contain the spread of the coronavirus variant called Omicron.

10:55 – “In 12 months we had an Alfa, Delta, Omicron variant, let’s get used to the idea of ​​variants. The pharmaceutical companies are working on the modifications of the vaccines but we do not yet know if there is a loss of efficacy of the vaccines. “These are the words of the immunologist Sergio Abrignani, member of the Scientific Technical Committee: “Without panic we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the data on the Omicron variant. We are experiencing something epochal, something we will read in the history books, we are chasing it, we have to live with the virus for a long time without worry, we have formidable weapons like vaccines “

10:00 – As announced yesterday by the Lazio Region, starting from midnight today those over 18 can book for the third dose of the vaccine, the so-called “booster” dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The system notifies you when it is possible to book, automatically calculating the 150 days that have passed since the second dose.

9:36 – The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella invites us not to let our guard down against the resurgence of infections. This is his message sent to the President of Confartigianato, Marco Granelli, reported by SkyTG24: “The resurgence of infections reminds us not to let our guard down and reminds us of maximum responsibility in individual and collective behaviors, to counter the circulation of the virus and not to compromise the freedom that we have painstakingly regained in economic and social life”.

9:14 – “I think there will be a material decline (in efficacy, ed) of vaccines. I don’t know how long, because we have to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to say this is not good.” These are the words of Stephane Bancek, CEO of Moderna, interviewed by Financial Times regarding the efficacy of vaccines against the Omicron variant.

9:00 – In Lazio, the data last week recorded 156,02 cases each 100.000 inhabitants while intensive care yesterday reached 10% and ordinary 11%. We remind you that there are 3 parameters to define the Regions that will pass in the yellow zone: infections must be greater than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, intensive care must exceed 10% while ordinary hospitalizations must overcome the 15% barrier.

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