Positano News – Rome, the “No Green pass” assistant superintendent Nunzia Schilirò positive at Covid: “As soon as I get well I will resume my battle”

The assistant commissioner of Rome Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, suspended because “champion” of No Green Pass, she tested positive, together with her husband, al Covid-19. She revealed it herself, because – she wrote on Facebook – she fears “exploitation“. At the end of September Schilirò took part in the demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni, defining”illegitimate“green certification and specifying how it was necessary”join our energies to show a better way“.

On the story that saw her as a protagonist, Schilirò published a long post on Facebook which we report in full as a guarantee of completeness of information:

“Dear friends, although I do not believe what I am about to tell you news but, fearing exploitation, it seems right to inform you that today my husband and I have received the result of the swab and, as we had imagined from the symptoms, we have taken Covid. We do not know where neither when, nor which of the two contracted it before, even if for some days my husband was not well and, in fact, had not gone to work. Now we are well enough and, as soon as I am healed and not dangerous for the community, I will resume my battle to see the universal declaration of human rights, European standards, the Constitution and, even before that, the freedom of all Italians respected.

From the experience of my family I have learned that therapies, if the person affected by covid is healthy, can be a weapon to transform a disease that can be tragic into a totally manageable situation. And this is also confirmed by the data and by most of the people affected by this virus.

The symptoms were typical of Covid: high fever, headache, fatigue, cough, loss of smell and bone pain.

I don’t talk about medicine because I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I insist on wanting to talk about law.

I am a jurist and I am extremely certain that the law cannot be canceled for a cure. After my experience, I am even more certain that the rules of law cannot be overcome for fear of having to treat people. It would be a dangerous drift.

“The law is the same for everyone” we read in our courtrooms! Everyone, really everyone, has a duty to know the law, says our jurisprudence.

Now no one will be able to say that I have not known COVID! Certainly someone will start repeating that I was lucky, that I took it lightly but, after my illness, I have even more desire to strongly reaffirm my right to express my opinions, my right to ask that laws are respected, always and not only when it suits them.

This is the story of my whole life, as a woman and as a policewoman.

To medical experts I remind that science is doubt and that law is certainty.

I ask medical experts to find solutions and not dogmas.

The many certainties, in fact, declared during this pandemic period have proved to be always wrong to date. The only certainties must be those concerning the freedom and fundamental rights of every human being, rights that are inalienable, unavailable and that no one can afford to violate with impunity “.

Photo: Nandra Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò

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