School, the government (again) reverses: “No to dad with only one infection in the class”. The principals: “Bewildered”

School, the government (again) reverses: “No to dad with only one infection in the class”. The principals: “Bewildered”
School, the government (again) reverses: “No to dad with only one infection in the class”. The principals: “Bewildered”

You will return to quarantine with only one positive in class. No, turnaround, face-to-face schooling is a priority: the guidelines affecting pupils, students, school staff and families in case of Sars Cov 2 infections have changed twice in less than 24 hours. First, with a circular signed on Monday evening, the ministers of Health and Education dictated to the principals the new indications on Covid in the classroom, temporarily overcoming the “surveillance with testing” system (without the automatic isolation of contacts) just introduced the November 3 last. Not even the time to adapt and, not even 24 hours later, an apparently pushed intervention Palazzo Chigi has restored the rules just canceled: with only one infected in class, there is no return to dad. On the contrary, the structure of the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency of the general Francesco Figliuolowill intensify testing activities in schools in order to enhance tracking“Of positive cases as reported by the agencies, citing government sources that underline that” guaranteeing the participation in the presence and the conduct of lessons at school in absolute safety is a priority of the Government “.

The commissioner’s structure will make available to the Asl new resources to be able to do the tracking and allow pupils to attend classrooms by managing infections. The new circular corrects and in fact exceeds that of Monday evening: “In the light of the indications of the commissioner structure, the provisions of the previous circular are consequently intended to be superseded”. Two positive cases will be needed for children aged six to 12 (elementary and junior high). For the other older ones who are 85 per cent vaccinated, the “active surveillance with swabs” system remains: distance learning will be set up only from the third infection in class.

And so today it came a new note from the ministries of education and health. “In consideration of the supervening willingness expressed by the commissioner structure” of Figliuolo, “the testing program” for the verification of the positivity “of the subjects identified as contacts of a class / group may be maintained, to be carried out extremely quickly, such as to guarantee infection control “. And “in the light of the indications of the commissioner, they are understood accordingly exceeded the provisions of the previous circular“. “In consideration of the above, and without prejudice to the provisions of the aforementioned circular of 3 November for the integrated education system for 0-6 years, face-to-face teaching must still be guaranteed for those who do not fall within the quarantine measures ordered by the authority health “.

We find it disconcerting that a note signed by two Ministries is suspended after not even 24 hours and that the provisions contained therein are already considered outdated. We are waiting to see how Commissioner Figliuolo will decide to intervene to finally make the ASL efficient and start the testing e tracing which should guarantee the school in the presence. School managers and staff, who have done much more than they should, should no longer be asked to replace the officials of the Prevention Departments “he says Antonello Giannelli, president of the PNA, the national association of principals.

Yesterday it seemed decided that with a student positive the whole class was destined for forty and to the dad. The circular signed by the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Giovanni Rezza and the director of the Ministry of Education Jacopo Greco, he informed the principals on the new indications on Covid at school, overcoming the “surveillance with testing” system – which provided for swabs for the whole class and in the meantime isolation for only close contacts – introduced, as mentioned, three weeks earlier. A decision that seemed to have been made due to the increase in infections recorded in the younger segment of the population.

“What has been taken is an absolutely prudential measure. We are notified of an increase in infections of the entire population, we want to keep the school in absolute safety and therefore we have taken caution “said the Minister of Education. Patrizio Bianchi who in recent months has pushed for school in attendance and assured that everything would be done to prevent the return of distance learning. Today the rethinking with the direct intervention of Palazzo Chigi.

It was the principals who had complained about the lack of tracking. “We were easy cassandre, we had already raised the alarm a few days after the publication of the joint Health-Education note n. 1218 of 6 November last. The schools, despite the many difficulties and with an immeasurable workload on the shoulders of managers and staff, held up. The same cannot be said of the prevention departments that did not immediately manage to guarantee the timing of the testing and in many cases did not apply those tracing procedures “he commented on Tuesday morning. Antonello Giannelli, president of the Deans’ association. “With the increase in pressure due to the rise of cases, the rules of the protocol have broken down forcing the use of Dad even with a single case of positivity in the classroom. The pandemic is far from over and we must all work together to combat it, starting with a more complete mass vaccination ”. In the evening the announcement that there will be resources to track cases and keep schools open as much as possible.

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