It is highly communicable, urgent action is needed

It is highly communicable, urgent action is needed
It is highly communicable, urgent action is needed

The emergency meeting of G7 health ministers concluded with a joint statement on the Omicron variant: “We need immediate action”.

Act quickly to stop the threat that has been called the Omicron variant. The final declaration of the meeting of the G7 health ministers, called urgently after the discovery of the new variant of the Sars-Cov-2 virus and its arrival in Europe (also in Italy) and in several other countries of the world: “The global community faces an initial threat assessment of a new highly transmissible variant of the virus, which requires urgent action – reads in the final document of the meeting – Therefore, G7 health ministers held an urgent meeting today to discuss developments related to concerns related to the Omicron variant.“And the ministers of the G7.”reiterated their commitment to carry forward what was decided in the Carbis Bay G7 Leaders Communiqué and the G7 Health Ministers’ Declaration, as well as in the G20 Global Health Summit and Rome Declaration“.

I G7 health ministers, the press release reads, “praised South Africa’s exemplary work in identifying the variant and alerting other countries“. Then “also recognized the strategic importance of ensuring access to vaccines, including those left over from administration, and the readiness of G7 countries to receive and distribute Covid vaccines, providing operational assistance, advancing donations and addressing the disinformation on the subject“Finally the ministers.”pledged to continue working closely with WHO and international partners in the coming weeks to share information and monitor the Omicron variant“There will be a new meeting in December.

During his speech during the meeting, Minister Speranza stressed that “the identification of the Omicron variant in southern Africa confirms the urgent need to do more to vaccinate the population of the most fragile countries“. The Italian Minister of Health was clear:”It is not enough to donate doses, we must concretely support those who do not have structured and capillary health services like ours – he stressed – It is necessary to be sure that the donated vaccines are actually administered and, to do so in the most fragile countries, the coordinating role of the UN and WHO will be needed.“.


highly communicable urgent action needed

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