Coronavirus, 7,975 new cases and 65 deaths. Over 5 thousand hospitalized with symptoms in the medical area: they have doubled in the last month

I am 7.975 new cases of infection with Sars-Cov-2 registered in the last 24 hours between 276,000 swabs processed, of which 195,546 rapid tests. The incidence then skyrockets to 2,9% and that of the suns molecular leavened at8,9%. The deaths were 65. The number of beds occupied in the medical area by hospitalized with symptoms (+171) and in intensive care (+31) where the entrances are 58. The week therefore opens with an increase in infections compared to seven days ago, when the new positives were 6.404, while resuscitation accesses remain in equilibrium (passed from 54 to 58) and the entry-exit balance from the Covid wards (was +162).

The balance of accesses and discharges in the medical area leads to the employment of over 5 thousand beds in the wards, where they are 5.135 Covid patients hospitalized with symptoms to which we must add 669 infected people assisted in intensive care. Scrolling through the old bulletins you can see how the doubling time of the occupied beds was one month: the October 29 patients in the medical area were 2.658, while in the ICU they were 334. Today another 183,839 currently positive are instead in home isolation. From the beginning of the pandemic they become 5.015.790 the ascertained cases of Sars-Cov-2 in Italy: in 133.739 they died and others 4.692.408 have recovered or been discharged (+4.707 in the last 24 hours).

Regionally they are Veneto (1.265), Emilia Romagna (1.223) e Lazio (1,121) to have the highest number of new positives tracked. Over 800 cases also in Lombardy (851) e Campania (820), followed by Sicily (559) e Piedmont (456). The Tuscany reports 328 cases, while the Province of Bolzano stops at 256 and the Puglia to 209. Also Friuli Venezia Giulia e Walk (both 181), Calabria (146) e Liguria (135) report more than one hundred. Digit touched on by Sardinia (98), while the Province of Trento reports 64, theAbruzzo – who have today reports how the data can be “partial and incomplete” due to a “malfunction” of the platform – communicates 39. L’Umbria has tracked down 26, la Valle d’Aosta 10, the Molise 4 and the Basilicata 3.

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