Coronavirus Lazio, November 29, 2021 bulletin

In Lazio, out of a total of 29,877 tampons, today, 29 November, 1,121 new positive cases, with 5 deaths and 689 patients recovered. The Lazio Department of Health compared today’s data with those of 29 November 2020: today there are therefore -12 deaths, -872 positive cases, -2,623 hospitalized in the medical area, -258 hospitalized in intensive care, -67-574 in home isolation. 19 more hospitalizations in the medical area for a total of 735, three intensive therapies for a total of 97.

The distribution of infections for the provinces of Lazio

As regards in detail the distribution of cases for the individual provinces, there are a total of 960 cases in the province of Rome, while in the other four provinces of the region the new positives amounted to 161, of which 76 in the Pontine Local Health Authority, 30 in Frosinone, 48 in Viterbo and 7 in Rieti.

The Lazio bulletin

The number of citizens currently positive for covid in the entire Lazio region has risen to 19,257, of which 735 in the medical area, 97 in intensive care and 18,425 in home isolation. The total number of cases examined since the beginning of the pandemic is 422,318. 8,974 patients died from the consequences of covid.

The vaccinations

On the vaccination front, on the other hand, from midnight today it will be possible to book the third dose even for those over 18 on the regional portal ( In Lazio, at the moment 9 million and 350 thousand administrations have been exceeded. Over 94% of adults who received the double dose and 88% of over 12 always in double dose. 650 thousand third doses were carried out, equal to over 12% of the population.


Coronavirus Lazio November bulletin

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