in Lazio the first doses of Covid vaccine doubled

In Lazio, the total number of Covid vaccine administrations is increasing day by day. This is also due to fears for the spread of the Omicron variant and the introduction of the ‘super green pass’.

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Fears for the new variante Omicron and the approval of the decree on ‘super green pass’ they are convincing more and more citizens to get vaccinated. In Lazio the overall number of vaccinations is increasing day by day and even the first doses have practically doubled in the last week. “On Saturday we had over 4,000 vaccine administrations to those who had not even given a dose so far, it is an important boost for the vaccination campaign which in Lazio exceeded 9.3 million administrations and booster doses are over 630,000 , equal to 13% of the audience. We must remain calm, no alarmism, get vaccinated, keep the distance and, where there are crowds, use the mask even outdoors “, said the commissioner D’Amato.

In Lazio, the administration of the anti Covid vaccine increases

As can be seen from the graph, only a week ago the first doses in Lazio stood at about 1500 per day on average. On Saturday there were over 4 thousand, as recalled by the councilor D’Amato himself. The total number of Covid vaccine administrations (first doses, booster doses and booster doses) is also growing day by day: a week ago they averaged 20,000 and over the last week they stably exceeded 30,000.

Vaccine dose trends in Lazio

Omicron variant risk and super green pass

On the one hand, the ‘super green pass’ launched by the government and on the other the risk of the Omicron variant, on the danger of which, however, the international scientific community has not yet expressed itself in anticipation of obtaining more real data on contagiousness and aggression. These two factors are causing, as mentioned, an increase in vaccinations and also in the administration of first doses of the anti Covid vaccine.

As regards the ‘super green pass’, the provision will come into force from 6 December 2021. It introduces the vaccination obligation for some professional categories and new rules for the granting of the certificate. There will be a basic green pass (granted, as currently happens, to those who are vaccinated, to those who have the result of a molecular swab or to those who have recovered less than six months) and a super green pass, issued only to vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. It is valid for 9 months. The reinforced green pass will become mandatory for admission to shows, sporting events, bars, restaurants, parties, discos.

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