at the Monoclonal Castles hospital also for vaccinated people and young people |

at the Monoclonal Castles hospital also for vaccinated people and young people |
at the Monoclonal Castles hospital also for vaccinated people and young people |

NewTuscia – ROME – “From 8 April to today we have treated 78 patients – positive for Covid – who arrived at the Castelli hospital from their homes and another 10 already here in the facility, we are close to 100 patients, which is a significant number if we think that 2300 doses have been administered in Lazio, of which a thousand in two large centers, in all there are 15 centers for the administration of monoclonals. Our company participates in the fight against Covid and wants to continue to do so at all levels “. This is the determination of Filomena Pietrantonio, head of monoclonal care and head of the internal medicine department of the Castelli hospital, in the ASL Roma 6, who explains to the Dire agency how it works and why access to treatment with antibodies is important. monoclonals for the treatment of Covid.

“With the new indications he administers itantibody treatment has expanded a lot, now it is aimed at patients with even small symptoms because the goal is to reduce and prevent the course of severe disease ”, Pietrantonio specifies. “In addition, the administration is also aimed at patients already vaccinated, i

which could theoretically have the resources to contain the evolution of the infection so that it does not become serious. We have drawn up a protocol and we are in close collaboration with the local area, from which we receive reports every day, and in recent weeks we receive many ”, says the chief physician Pietrantonio.

“Now we must raise awareness because therapy is available and therefore accessible – he explains – precisely to ensure that there are fewer complications as possible and to get out of the pandemic as soon as possible”.

Cyprian: access to monoclonals also with Ares 118

Taxis are also available for patients to return home

But what is the goal of monoclonal treatment? “The aim is to prevent people at risk

develop the severe form of the disease and are hospitalized. Positive patients, if over 65, can call the Ares 118 toll-free number which carries out a sort of telephone triage, or contact the general practitioner, or the Uscar, the special assistance units in the area.

or even at the emergency room doctors. From each of these channels the patient will then be reported, contacted by the ASL and visited once in the hospital; if it is deemed necessary, the treatment is carried out at the hospital “. This is clarified by Dr. Enrica Cipriano, in the team for the treatment with monoclonals against Covid-19 at the Castelli hospital, at the ASL Roma 6.

Cipriano explains to the agency Dire how the treatment for combating Sars-CoV-2 disease works and how to access it: “Treatment with monoclonals requires a single intravenous infusion of about an hour, at the end of the which the patient remains under observation for an hour and then, if he has a positive companion who is fine, he can go home but if he does not have a person who can help him, as the Castelli Hospital we provide a special taxi with all the health precautions of the case”.

Regarding fears and adverse effects, Cipriano clarifies that “The drugs, the monoclonals we use, are well tolerated but they are always drugs, so asymptomatic patients are not candidates for therapy. Unfortunately, the disease is very unpredictable – he underlines – we have seen some vaccinated patients with co-morbidities who have developed major pneumonia, because the vaccine does not have 100% coverage, therefore it is equally important to undergo the third dose as well, not by chance. the booster dose for patients with particular frailties is considered part of the vaccination cycle, therefore essential to complete protection ”, remembers the doctor of the Castelli hospital.

Monoclonal also for young people with pathologies

Precocity and symptomaticity essential for the treatment to be effective

Enrica Cipriano is on the front line together with the primary Filomena Pietrantonio, in the care unit with the

monoclonal antibodies against Covid-19 at the Ospedale dei Castelli, in the ASL Roma 6. Rheumatologist, Cipriano explains to the Dire agency: “The treatment was made more accessible during the summer and therefore it is for patients in which they are the first symptoms appeared in the last ten days, both mild and moderate and even if vaccinated ”, he points out.

“It is important to remember that the therapy is aimed at people over 65, but also at younger people who have chronic conditions or pathologies, for example liver, kidney, cardiovascular problems, asthma or chronic bronchitis and neurodevelopmental pathologies. Earliness and symptomaticity are the two most important aspects

for this treatment to be effective ”, Cipriano reiterates,“ if the patient has received the therapy, he can access the vaccine after 6 months from having contracted the disease ”.

However, the treatment with antibodies is not to be understood as the only barrier to the disease, explains the person in charge of the treatments with monoclonals, Filomena Pietrantonio: “We are studying in depth the data before and after treatment with these antibodies but we must remember that our goal is that the person does not get sick and this can be done in the first place with the prevention, the vaccine, and the monoclonal antibodies in the last resort. Antibodies are an extra weapon, very valid, and we are studying their impact on the general population but it is not an alternative to vaccine and prevention – he underlines-

People with chronicity and frailty must put in place all the measures not to get sick, also because, we have seen it, sometimes these people do not develop the defenses against the disease even after taking the vaccine because they are not immunocompetent and this means that around they must

there is a barrier of vaccinated to protect them. This is the basis of the fight against Covid ”, reiterates the primary Pietrantonio.

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