Covid, story of Laura: “I have cancer but they don’t operate on me because the hospitals are full of no vax, why do I have to pay for it?”

“Walk into a oncology department and you will realize how much you are willing to to bear to have another chance“. It is the reflection posted on Facebook gives Laura Di Siena, 42enne di Pavia, which has not been seen due to Covid 19 patients postpone his surgery for a rare tumor. “How is it possible? Why do I have to pay for the indifference others? I’m a cancer patient, I have to face a vital intervention for me but hospitals are full of unvaccinated Covid patients. What could an experimental vaccine do worse than cancer? ”. “You realize that cancer kills and its incidence increases? – continues the post- Do not get a vaccine, but escape from cancer is not possible. Wouldn’t having the chance to heal due to the lack of attention of others would please you? ”.

The woman had to undergo a cycle chemotherapies, a heavy treatment but which over time made surgery possible. The mass of the thymus tumor – between heart and lungs, a rare case of about 200 cases a year – yes it is reduced thanks to the treatment cycle, but the now possible operation cannot be carried out. There are just three structures in Italy, all in Lombardy, who can treat this tumor, and when he received one called from a Milanese hospital the woman thought that the time had come and that it was a date: “But it didn’t go like this: they told me that there was a cutting of beds due to Covid, so I’ll have to stay in waiting list, I don’t know for how long “.

Laura told The Province of Pavia which is also the Green pass has expired, but that the doctors advised against doing the third dose because it would risk burdening the lungs. The surgeon told her that there is no place for other diseases in intensive care: “They are full of cases of Covid cases that they arrive every day and they are all no vax “.

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