LIVE COVID-19 – Lazio, ordinary hospitalizations currently avoid the yellow zone. Ricciardi: “The African variant has no greater gravity”. D’Amato: “Swabs to all passengers arriving in recent weeks from African countries at risk”

I am 12.932 the positive Covid tests identified on Sunday 28 November, according to data from the Ministry of Health, had been yesterday 12.877 . I am instead 47 the victims in one day, against the 90 of yesterday.

10:00 – Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, was interviewed during the broadcast What’s the weather like: “The new mutation did not bypass the tests. There are positive and negative elements: it is highly contagious, but according to the data coming from South Africa it has no greater severity”.

9:35 – “We are worried. On the Omicron variant we mobilized Spallanzani to have the genomic sequence available and to understand if the vaccine covers and how much it covers. This is the point. We decided to swab all those traveling by plane with the manager of Caserta who found positive at Omicron. And we also asked the Ministry of Health for the list of passengers arriving in recent weeks from the seven African countries included in the flight block list. The local health authorities will carry out the tests for everyone, we expect there to be at least a thousand “. These are the statements to Messenger from Alessio D’Amato, Health Councilor of Lazio: “We strongly ask the Ministry of Health and the Usmaf (maritime, air and border health office) for greater checks, because we have already seen with the experience of the past that the blocking of flights from certain risk areas is circumvented with triangulations “.

9:25 – In Lazio, the data yesterday recorded 156.02 cases per 100,000 inhabitants while intensive therapies reached 10% and ordinary 11%. We remind you that there are 3 parameters to define the Regions that will pass in the yellow zone: infections must be greater than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, intensive care must exceed 10% while ordinary hospitalizations must overcome the 15% barrier.


LIVE COVID19 Lazio ordinary hospitalizations avoid yellow zone Ricciardi African variant greater gravity DAmato Swabs passengers arriving weeks African countries risk

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