Omicron, the variant of Covid 19 also scares Lazio. The requests of Zingaretti and D’Amato

In the days when infections increase and the rush to the third dose, the news of the omicron variant seems to complicate the fight against Covid. The effects have not yet been fully studied and communicated, but the global panic is great. Yesterday the news of the first isolated case in Italy and from global the alarm becomes local. Yes, because at the regional level the tracking machine will once again play a central role.

The good news

The good news is provided to Adnkronos Health Massimo Ciccozzi, head of the Medical Statistics and Epidemiology Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Bio-Medico Campus of Rome: “What comforts us is that the current diagnostic tests are able to identify the South African variant, there is no need to change or modify them. We do not know if this mutated virus is already present on our territory, but if the surveillance network for sequencing works, we will be able to identify it and we will be able to keep it under control “.

The requests of D’Amato and Zingaretti

In short, the tests work and the commissioner Alessio D’Amato is ready to field yet another mass tracking activity: “We asked”, he writes in a note, “to the Ministry of Health to have the names of the boarding lists of residents in Lazio who have entered Italy through the Fiumicino International Airport in the last 15 days from the restricted areas. This would allow us to screen these people through molecular swabs and our mobile units are ready “.

The demands of the governor Nicola Zingaretti are even harsher: “With regard to the Omicron variant, I recommend immediate measures to contain the flows of entry to Italy”.

The obligation to wear a mask

Meanwhile, there are those who accelerate on the obligation to wear a mask outdoors. It is the mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, to impose it immediately with an ordinance. The Municipality of Fiumicino makes it known: “Given the worsening of the pandemic situation, the presence of the international airport on our territory and the appearance of the new variant of Covid-19, taking into account the appeal of President Zingaretti and having heard the prefect and the regional councilor for health D’Amato, the mayor Esterino Montino has signed an ordinance that will come into force from 00.01 tomorrow, Sunday 28 November (therefore from tonight), and will remain in force until midnight on Friday 31 December, date of expiry of the DPCM declaring a state of emergency “.

“The ordinance enters into force tonight and will last until the night of December 31 because that is the date on which the decree with which the government declared a state of emergency for the whole country expires – explains Montino -. It is clear that if the government were to prolong the state of emergency, we will consider extending the duration of the ordinance itself. It is equally clear that, in the event of a decline in infections, we will consider revoking it “.

In Rome, we recall, the mayor Roberto Gualtieri has announced an ordinance that should enter from 6 December. However, an advance payment of the same is not excluded.

The Omicron variant is less virulent

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