LIVE COVID-19 – United Kingdom, mandatory indoor mask. Omicron variant in Germany. Lazio Region, D’Amato: “We are strengthening the sequencing of positive swabs”

There are 12,877 COVID-19 test positives identified on November 27. On the other hand, there are 90 victims in one day, an increase compared to November 27, when there were 51. As usual, provides you with the latest news LIVE regarding the Coronavirus situation.

21:33 – The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he expressed “deep gratitude to the South African scientists who identified the Omicron variant and immediately shared this information.” Johnson is holding a press conference following the discovery of two cases of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the UK.

21:09 – The president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, he recalled that “activated the emergency brake” to deal with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, the Commission works at full speed to – he wrote on Twitter – “speed up vaccination and recalls; increase tests and tracing the contacts of people coming from from the affected region; and enhance sequencing and wastewater analysis to identify the variant.

20:37 – It will become “mandatory” in UK the use of masks in shops and public transport. This was stated by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, during a press conference in Downing Street on the new omicron variant.

20:11 – The Tunisia takes its countermeasures against the spread of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health of Tunis published a statement in the afternoon which lists the new measures for entry into the North African country starting from December 1st. For those over six years of age it will be mandatory to present a negative PCR test performed no later than 48 hours before boarding (currently 72). Furthermore, all travelers will systematically undergo a PCR test upon their arrival in Tunisia.

19:40 – In England, the first two cases of the mutation have been confirmed in Nottingham and Chelmsford, Essex. The premier: “Mandatory molecular swab for those arriving in our country, mandatory masks in shops and on public transport”.


17:40 – There are 360 ​​new cases of covid positivity registered in the region, according to the latest bulletin, compared to 4,449 molecular swabs and 11,301 rapid antigenic agents. There are 156 hospitalized in the hospital, 5 fewer than yesterday. Of these, 20 are in intensive care: 17 of them are unvaccinated. There are no new deaths: the victims from the beginning of the emergency therefore remain 4,458.

13:51 – “In a few days we will suspend” in Puglia “the possibility of free access to the hubs and we will begin to vaccinate against COVID-19 by reservation only. We are waiting to suspend the free access activity to give the possibility to bookings to become the ordinary system vaccination “. This was announced by the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, during a meeting with the press in Bari.

13:38 – The South Africa accuses the governments that have closed the borders to those arriving from there of having “punished” the country for having first identified the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron. “This latest round of bans is tantamount to punishing South Africa for sequencing the mutation and for its ability to detect new variants quickly. Scientific excellence should be applauded and not punished,” a government statement read.

13:10 – “The vaccine is fundamental, it is the real key to face this season, without the vaccine we would now have terrifying numbers. Yesterday we made the record of third doses – over 270 thousand – even the first doses increased: for many days the figure was between 15 and 18 thousand first doses, and yesterday we made 25 thousand “. The Minister of Health said so Roberto Speranza a Rai Radio1, guest of Zapping.

12:50 – The director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, the group that developed the vaccine AstraZeneca, expressed cautious optimism that existing sera are effective on the Omicron variant of COVID-19, deeming a resumption of the pandemic “unlikely”. Speaking on the BBC’s Today program, Professor Andrew Pollard explained that “most of the mutations” of the Omicron variant “are found in the same places in the spike protein as the other variants” against which the vaccines have been shown to be effective.

12:22 – “We are working not to return to distance learning. Today, infections in the world of school are still very limited”. The Minister of Education said it, Patrizio Bianchi, during his visit to Veronafiere at Job & Orienta 2021. “We are working – he added – not only to avoid Dad, which was an important moment and which allowed many to get closer to digital. We are avoiding this idea of ​​fear, this idea of ​​being wary of each other. School remains the safest place “, concluded Bianchi.

11:57 – In Germany A first possible case of contagion with Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19, has been found. “The Omicron variant has already arrived in Germany with great probability,” he said tweeted Kai Klose, minister of social affairs in the western state of Hesse, referring to the strain first found in southern Africa.

11:39 – “We are strengthening the sequencing of the positive swabs. The phase to go and look for the new variant has started.” Thus the regional councilor for health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato. “The swabs are randomly sent to Spallanzani to be analyzed”, concludes D’Amato.

11:11 – In the last week, an increase in incidence is observed in all age groups and in particular in the population under the age of 12. “In the period 8 – 21 November 2021, 31,365 new cases were reported in this population, of which 153 hospitalized and 3 hospitalized in intensive care”. In the 6-11 age group, “starting from the second week of October, there is a greater increase in the incidence compared to the rest of the school-age population, with a surge in the last two weeks”. The ISS notes this in its extended weekly report, published today.

10:47 – The Veneto it still exceeds two thousand infections in one day, with 2,113 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 511,449; there are 6 other victims, bringing deaths to 11,941. The regional bulletin reports it. The incidence of cases on 106,724 swabs (24,019 molecular and 81,705 rapid tests) is 1.97%. The current positives are 27,612, 1,358 more in 24 hours. The hospital pressure continues, with 488 admissions in the non-critical area (+26) and 90 (+1) in intensive care.

10:08 – The United Arab Emirates announced that the entire population has received one dose of the Covid vaccine, 90.18% already two.

09:27 – Sixty-one people who have arrived in Amsterdam since South Africa tested positive at Covid. The Dutch authorities have made it known.

08:48 – Two Sicilian municipalities pass in orange zone: these are Pedara and Militello in Val di Catania. The order was signed by the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, on the proposal of the Asoe regional department. The provision will come into force on Sunday 28 November

08:00 – In Germany another 67,125 cases of Covid and 303 deaths were recorded. This was reported by the Robert Koch Institute-

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