the government must explain – Time

the government must explain – Time
the government must explain – Time

Saturday 20 November in Controcorrente, the program conducted by Veronica Gentili on Rete4, bounces the latest WHO alarm, possible 500 thousand deaths by March in Europe if measures are not taken against the spread of infections. A black prediction that does not impress Maria Giovanna Maglie, in connection.

“I feel part of that minority that does not want to be heard”, begins the journalist who would like the World Health Organization “in the dock” for how it handled the first phases of the pandemic, and not just those. At least questionable choices such as “having supported the censorship of Communist China on the origin of Covid” attacks Maglie who reiterates: “After a rigorous investigation I will listen to you”.

In the background, the hypotheses of lockdowns for unvaccinated and super green passes, all measures under consideration by the government and supported by various northern regions. “The problem of politicians is one of courage, and I’m talking about center-right governors” attacks Maglie who reviews the presidents of the Regions: “Luca Zaia is the most moderate, Fedriga has the trouble of being pulled from his jacket by everyone. there is Giovanni Toti who has always been a Taliban of restrictions, there must be something in Liguria “that has also infected Matteo Bassetti, it is the jab of Maglie. “Fontana in Lombardia is queuing up”.

It is not considered that the “Friuli Venezia Giulia” lies have been told, the demonstrations in Trieste have nothing to do with the increase in infections, the fact of being on the border weighs heavily, explains the journalist. “Only now we are talking about the role of cross-border” says Maglie who attacks: on the part of the government there has been “little truth and little transparency” on the fact that the vaccine covers less than expected and protects from a single variant.

“Someone should explain to me why, when the communication campaign began, they said: look at how the infections decrease. Now that there are several million Italians vaccinated” the positives increase the infections, “they should explain why it happens”.

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