Lockdown at Christmas in various countries of Europe: what happens

With the arrival of the autumn season and with winter just around the corner, the infections from Covid-19 are undergoing a surge that does not seem to want to stop, on the contrary, it increases day by day. To plan a trip abroad for Christmas it is therefore necessary to take into account a number of factors.

Several countries of the European Union have decided in the last hours of raise health security measures and reintroduce restrictions very harsh, especially against unvaccinated people.

Restrictions that come in conjunction with the Christmas travel planning, which (at least for now) are not in danger for the vaccinated (for more information on the Green Pass with dose booster click here).

Reintroduction of restrictions on entry into France

In France Restrictions have been imposed that will affect unvaccinated people 16 EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Basically, to enter French territory, people from these areas will have to perform an antigen or molecular test within 24 hours prior to landing.

In fact, before 12 November, for unvaccinated travelers from most of these countries it was sufficient to present the results of a PCR certificate or antigen test carried out in the last 72 hours.

Belgium, one of the most affected countries

Belgium is one of the areas most affected by this new wave: in the last week there has been a peak of 39% of infections, and in these hours we are discussing to tighten the measures with the obligation of indoor masks for people over 9 years, smart working where it is feasible, closing of gyms and discos.

Partial curfew in the Netherlands

In Netherlands a partial three-week curfew has returned for everyone, to try to contain the infections in view of Christmas. For those who were planning a trip to this land, it may not be the right time, given the early closures of bars and restaurants at 20.00 and other non-essential goods shops at 18.00.

Lockdown for unvaccinated in Austria and Germany

L’Austria imposed a lockdown for the unvaccinated. A much discussed measure, but one that has seen the consent of the majority of the governments of the region. Even the neighbor Germany has adopted similar solutions: in Saxony and Bavaria, restaurants, pubs, bars, cinemas and many other indoor activities have been closed to unvaccinated people and to those who have recovered but have not been vaccinated. Bad news also for lovers of Christmas markets which in Bavaria have been banned in various areas.

Green pass taxation in Denmark and Norway

Both in Denmark that in Norway the imposition of the Green Pass has returned to attend closed places, participate in events, enter clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and discos. The obligation to wear a mask had already returned on 10 September, to protect citizens. But following the rise in infections it was decided to reintroduce more precautionary measures.

Christmas trips to Europe at risk

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