La Spezia is the fourth province in Italy for Covid incidence

Trieste calls, La Spezia responds. In the contagions. The numbers relating to the trend of the pandemic in the province of La Spezia, which today is the fourth in terms of incidence in all of Italy, are worrying. According to the ranking drawn up by Cura Italia, as of November 14, 2021 there were 231 positives per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week between Luni and Deiva Marina. Worse are only the three provinces of the North East which have become national cases due to the repeated protests, which have attracted people from various parts of Italy.

In fact, there is at the top the Trieste of anti-green pass parades with an incidence of 640 cases in the period 8-14 November 2021, flanked in third place by the neighbor Gorizia to 368. In the middle the autonomous province of Bolzano at 389, where it “lags behind other Italian regions in terms of vaccinations”, as declared a few days ago by President Arno Kompatscher. Followed by La Spezia (231) and then Forlì-Cesena (210), Messina (179), Padua (157), Udine (156), Ravenna (140) and Pordenone (140).

According to yesterday’s Alisa bulletin, Sunday 14 November 2021, there are currently 784 positives in La Spezia and its province. More than double compared to Imperia (416) and 330 more than in Savona, the other Ligurian provinces comparable by population. To understand how significant the data is, on 13 September 2020, with the establishment of the Umbertino off limits area decided a few hours ago, the positives ascertained in the province were 736. The difference is made by the situation of the hospitals: back then there were 81 hospitalized with 7 intensive therapies and increasing pressure on Sant’Andrea and San Bartolomeo. As of yesterday, however, there were 9 Covid patients in ASL5, of which three were serious. The Sarzana hospital has been there for weeks Covid free. The first doses of the anti Covid vaccine in Liguria would have been injected on the following 27 December.


Spezia fourth province Italy Covid incidence

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